Samsung Galaxy S III Developer Edition – Now Available on Samsung’s Website

A few weeks ago, we heard the news that Samsung and Verizon are joining together to launch a special Developer’s Edition of Samsung Galaxy S III smart phone. In addition to that, this new device would feature an unlock-able boot loader and the price of this smart phone will be $599 only.

The reason this smart phone caught some spotlight was because the original version of Samsung Galaxy S III on Verizon comes with a locked boot loader.  However, now the developer’s edition is available on Samsung’s website, for a price that is not mentioned yet. But, since the news from few weeks ago said that, it is going to cost $599, so we are going to assume that it will cost that much for now. The price and the features are pretty good because the Samsung Galaxy S III sold on carriers such as Verizon in the US, cost about $649. However, if you are considering to buy the developers edition of Samsung Galaxy S III, then you will only get one colour choice and that is Pebble Blue variant because that is only option being shown on the Samsung website – for now.

Another great thing about the Samsung Galaxy S III developers edition – considering its price, is that you are getting a 32 GB of internal memory, whereas the same costs $649 on Verizon. So, it sounds like a pretty good deal for the same model. For now, we know that the developers edition will only be sold on Samsung’s website, so people who are looking to buy it from a Carrier service, will have to wait and see how things turn out because there does not seem to be a possibility that it would be available via carriers. This is because Samsung has not verified a launch date for its Samsung Galaxy S III, developer’s edition.

The key features of this smart phone includes, smart sharing options, smarter gestures, speak and your Samsung Galaxy S III will listen, simplify any task, an 8 MP camera, greater screen resolution with brighter and sharper colours, powerful hardware and software, and all of it is powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

With the help of NFC (Near Field Communication) and Wifi direct technology, you can share large HD files in a matter of seconds with your Samsung Galaxy S III. This makes sharing larger files quicker and easier for people who love to share their photos, videos, calendar, documents, contacts and other stuff.

With AllShare Play, you can play your music, videos, slide shows and games with any compatible HDTV easily. This feature is especially designed for the moments when you need to share something with more than a few people.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S III is a great phone to have and with smart, well smarter features, it will surely standout from the rest of the smart phone crowd. As far as getting your hands on the possibly cheaper version – the developers edition is concerned, you will have to wait for its launch date.


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  1. Should it really come to this? Why does Samsung need to provide a “different” phone for their customers. How would a customer know whether or not he/she is getting a device that has an unlockable bootloader?

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