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Samsung Apparently Broke the Smartphone Sales Record this Past Quarter


According to Reuters, Samsung might have broken the record for the highest smartphones shipped in a quarter. The reports aren’t confirmed yet, but Reuters is believed to have gotten in touch with a number of analysts who predicted flourishing numbers for Samsung. The South Korean company apparently, managed to ship 50 million smartphones in the second quarter, this in comparison to Apple’s 30 million shipments. The second quarter was believed to be quite rough in terms of sales, but these numbers suggest otherwise, at least for Samsung. It goes without saying that the global launch of the Galaxy S III aided with these strong numbers. However, we’re pretty sure the American sales weren’t taken into account as the smartphone recently hit shores. So we might have a greater number to look forward to in Q3, as the source rightly suggests.

The strong sales numbers has apparently cautioned Apple, which is believed to unveil the new iPhone in August. With the 4S being almost a year old, people are more attracted towards newer hardware like the ones that Samsung offers. So it would make sense for Apple to launch the new iDevice early instead of the scheduled October launch date. Remember that these are only analyst estimates and the actual numbers might differ. But this certainly gives us an idea as to what’s happening in the smartphone industry.

Samsung has taken over the title of the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world, overtaking Nokia in Q1. With Nokia’s dominance gone, it seems like Samsung is ruling all the way now. After conquering the smartphone and the feature phone markets respectively, Samsung is undoubtedly one of the quickest to the top spot. Nokia had always maintained a stronghold in the feature phone segment, but post the arrival of Windows Phone 7 smartphones, Symbian has taken an unfortunate backseat.

It’s a Samsung vs Apple battle now, and it will be interesting to see what Apple comes up with in the latest iteration of the iPhone. We have heard that it packs a bigger display and also a new display touch technology making it thinner than usual. So that is certainly something to look forward to. Samsung isn’t resting on its laurels though, as the company is looking forward to the new Galaxy Note 2, which is also pegged for an August announcement.

Source: Reuters
Via: GSM Arena

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