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Rumor: Samsung Windows 8 RT Tablet Release Slated in October

Rumors spread online about Samsung’s plan to release a Windows 8 RT Tablet which would be its newest foray into the emerging market. Whether or not this is true, only Samsung can confirm and as of the writing of this report, there is no statement from the world’s largest phone maker yet.

Business-oriented news firm, Bloomberg, was the first one to publish the story almost a week ago. It cited several unnamed sources which it claimed to have “knowledge of the matter.”

According to the report, Samsung is planning to release the device in October and would feature the first ever version of Windows OS that would operate on ARM-based architecture. The report actually backs the phone maker’s statement earlier to support at least one of Microsoft’s new operating systems.

While this report is unconfirmed, here are some points why it may just become real:

Emerging Market. Having been able to claim supremacy in the Android niche, there is a need for the manufacturer to extend its coverage in the new and emerging markets. As far as revenue is concerned, the company should have found great potential in releasing a competitive device to compete with seasoned players in Windows sector.

A Call To Compete With Apple. The legal battle with Apple could be one of the many reasons why the Korean phone maker has to pose even a greater threat to its competitor. This and Microsoft’s expressed gusto to come head-to-head with the Cupertino-based tech giant and its other hardware partners are enough to power up Samsung to build its first Windows-operated slate. Windows RT is based on ARM architecture so Samsung wouldn’t find it difficult to build devices around it.

A Need To Produce. Having been able to overtake Nokia as the world’s largest phone maker, Samsung has to prove it’s worth the title. Its aggressiveness is well-portrayed in the Android market as month after month new devices are being released. However, to even claim its supremacy in the worldwide mobile market, there is a need for the manufacturer to produce a device to be released even in the market it’s not familiar of.

If Bloomberg’s report was accurate, the manufacturing of Samsung Windows 8 RT tablet may have already been started and that would make it just in time for October release. While the new Microsoft OS is designed for ARM-based processors, Samsung’s Exynos SOC (system on chip) may not be used for its new device. Currently, only the chipsets from Nvidia, Qualcomm and Motorola are found to be working perfectly with Windows RT.

Source: Bloomberg

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