Rumor: Apple Preparing Minor Revisions to New iPad Battery and Lens

For those who are speculating whether you should go for the new iPad, this should be an interesting reading. This one is not about the iPad mini rumors that is making round these days.

An unverified source from Apple’s supply chain has reportedly mentioned that Apple is making some changes to its latest iPad design. DigiTimes had recently picked up this news from one of its sources inFar East. Apparently, the changes include a larger camera hole and some changes to the battery design, which could address to some of the problems that the latest iPad is facing with in regard to overheating. The sources have claimed that as a result of the battery compartment redesign, the revamped iPad will be lighter and thinner. Not that the users should be complaining about a thinner and lighter iPad that has less chances of getting overheated, but what is Apple planning with a larger camera hole?

The new iPad was launched earlier in March this year and has a rear 5-megapixel iSight camera that is capable of shooting full HD 1080p movies. The camera also has an auto focus option and backside illumination sensor that allows shooting sharp images in most lighting conditions. The f2.4 aperture creates a shallow depth of field, being perfect for portraits. Plus, it has a face detection technology that can be set to identify 10 different faces. So, in a group situation, these faces automatically get priority.

DigiTimes has been guilty of reporting speculative information in the past and, as a result, it would be safer at this time to take this piece of information with a pinch of salt unless it can be corroborated with additional information.

However, the fact remains that Apple did receive quite bit of negative comments soon after the new iPad was launched. It was reported that the device was getting unusually hot when games or any demanding applications were running.

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