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Rovio amazes with the Amazing Alex Trailer

Bored with the “out-of-the-world” flinging game? Looking for something more amazing? Coming from the highly-acclaimed developer-Rovio is another masterpiece perhaps- The Amazing Alex.

Rovio inhibits the legacy of developing top-notch gaming series- The Angry Birds, Bounce, Darkest Fear and many other games with mesmerizing graphics and intensive details. The Amazing Alex is the latest game the Finnish game developer has been bragging about. Well, why shouldn’t they?

Rovio proudly launched the trailer of The Amazing Alex today. From the glimpse of it, it seems very intriguing. If Angry Birds was about crafts, The Amazing Alex would be more on the educational side. No flinging or smashing things around.

The game epicentres over a curious young boy named Alex who loves to build things. The physics-based puzzle game would feature around 100 levels and would come with 35 additional objects to build something of your own. Unleash your creativity to formulate your personalized levels and designs and create something of your own.

Click here to view the Amazing Alex Trailer

Rovio has always been condemned for over-promoting and perhaps even hyping their products. Critics believe that the success of games then is due to extensive marketing and the so-called experts downplay the technical aspect of the game. For instance, Angry Birds though was much hyped in the media, by the courtesy of its flawless gameplay, neat graphics and ingenuity it fared extremely well in the market. You do not need to publicize awesomeness. It needs no recognition. We hope Amazing Alex does well even with minimal publicity. That would shut some sour-mouths.

Rovio says the game could be out anytime in June and we are eagerly waiting for it. The game is to release on both the platforms iOS and Android.

That being said, this is an extremely good move by Rovio. People have started getting bored of (or perhaps used to) Angry Birds gameplay and this could be perhaps the ideal change they seek.

Will amazing alex be amazing or would it be just as amazing as the amazing spider man was?

Web your thoughts.

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