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RIM CEO Uses a Samsung Galaxy S III as His Secondary Handset


Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and even RIM have fairly popular CEOs. We often see them in news for one thing or the other. And mobile company execs are spotted using smartphones marketed by their brand. However, there are a few exceptions of company CEOs using smartphones from rival companies. Just last year we saw Google’s Eric Schmidt taking pictures with his BlackBerry smartphone. And this time it’s the RIM CEO Thorsten Heins for a similar reason. The not so popular CEO is believed to be using a Samsung Galaxy S III as his secondary handset. This might come as a shock to the legion of BlackBerry supporters who have stuck with the company through thick and thin, but the subtle explanation given by the CEO himself makes an awful lot of sense.

He acknowledged using the Galaxy S III in addition to his BlackBerry. He said – “Yes, I absolutely do [use a BlackBerry], however, just to stay educated about the market, I always have a second device that is a competitor device so I know where I am, in terms of the competition”. That has to be one of the smartest explanations given by a CEO in countering claims of not believing in its brand. He is humble enough to accept the BlackBerry platform’s shortcomings and eager to learn things from competitors, which RIM execs should have been doing since a long time. It might be a little too late now for the platform given the delay of its next major platform refresh. The company is losing market share rapidly, and its saving grace is believed to be the BlackBerry 10 OS.

Last year, when RIM was in a similar situation, all hopes were stuck on the new lot of BlackBerry 7 smartphones. And we all know how that turned out for the Canadian company. Although the new BlackBerry 10 OS shows promise, we fear if it has what it takes to make a dent in the Android or iPhone market share. In my personal opinion, RIM might have missed a trick by delaying the new OS. However, the revamped platform has shown promise and if RIM is able to retain the faith of its loyalists, one would call it a job well done.

Source: CIO
Via: Phone Arena

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