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Review: Zedge – Free Wallpapers, Ringtones and Notifications

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Zedge is one of those cool apps that you always want to have installed on all of your devices. Finding cool wallpapers is hard, so is finding some nice ringtones and notification sounds. I searched all across the web before I came by Zedge. I was suspicious of it at first as most Ringtones I saw cost money sometimes ranging into a few bucks. Wallpapers were even free, and they were high quality! I thought it was a scam for a while, especially since they were not pushing ads to my device (aside from inside the app). Turns out I was completely wrong.

The cool thing about Zedge is that its all based around a community of people who like creating things like ringtones and wallpapers. There are some thing that cost money as of their last update, but that’s an option that up to the creator of said ringtone or wallpaper. Zedge has over 4,000 different wallpapers to choose from and most of the time they look pretty dang sweet. They usually are very high quality and most of the time are free, which of course, is the best part of this whole app. Free stuff, who does not like free stuff?

Downloading the wallpaper off of Zedge is very easy. You just press one button and then its downloading to your device. You’ll have to wait for it to finish downloading before Zedge will add the wallpaper to your home screen. Once it’s finished downloading, the downloader button will be replaced with a circle that you’ll need to press so Zedge will add it to your home screen. Then, you have a brand new, high quality wallpaper that you probably wouldn’t of found other wise! Again, there are over 4,000 different wallpapers to choose from, so there’s always more to get for next time!

Next, Zedge has over 550,000 different ringtones to choose from. Yes, you read that right, 550,000 different ringtones. This can range from your favorite music, cool voice acted lines from movies and really anything you can think of. Zedge has it all. Some of my favorites consist of Yoda ringtones and notifications, whoever designed those did an awesome job and is bound to at least make you chuckle. There are many ringtones that are full of hilarity while others aren’t. Therefore, you have quite the variety of different ringtones to choose from. You could be sitting in your seat for hours trying to find the perfect one only to realize you want a new one the next day!

You should also notice that Zedge has over 80,000 different notification sounds to customize text messages, emails and etc. This works much like the ringtones and wallpapers work so it’s not that hard to figure out. Overall Zedge is an awesome app to help you customize your phone sounds and wallpapers the way you want them. Best of all? It’s free and easy to use. I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in finding some cool free ringtones.

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