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Review: World of Goo — Strange Gooey Puzzles

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free, $4.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

World of Goo is an interesting game. It boasts to be one of the best independent games to be created. I’m going to have to say that I agree, but I definitely don’t agree with it’s $5 price point and it still needs a lot of work, at least for android devices. World of Goo is great on the PC, I had a ton of fun with it when I played it. It really cool to see that it made its way to the Google Play store, but unfortunately it did not live up to expectations. For starters, for $5 I expected to get a ton more content than it actually gave you. That may have been a wrong expectation to make but plenty of games give you a lot more than what this game did. Sure it has some cool unique “goo balls” or abilities, but the lack of content was…disappointing. There are a total of 48 levels in the game while other games with the same substance and more levels offer over 80 different levels for $0.99. For what it gives you, $5 really is not worth it.

One thing that World of Goo does offer is very immersive environments that no other game could offer. I guess that gives the game a sense of its very own unique style. Not only that, but the soundtrack is flawless and magnificent to listen too. The graphics are definetly good but by no means is it comparable to games like Pocket RPG or Demolition inc. HD. Graphics wise, I guess you shouldn’t really expect a whole lot coming from a independent company, then again, some independent companies have really outdone themselves in the graphics department. It really depends where your games’ priorities are set on. In this case, I think World of Goo was focused on making a fun, immersive experience instead of extraordinary details to the graphics.

The game, as I said, only has 48 levels so it’s lack of content is very disappointing as it is a very fun game to play. Even if they added more levels in an update it would increase the chances of people purchasing it considerably. At this moment, I think many are fine with the demo version as the full version does not offer a whole lot more aside from a few extra levels. I think this is where the game sort of fails. There really needs to be more content, especially for $5.

In terms of performance, most everything works great. In about an hour of gameplay your it really takes a toll on your GPU. It really begins to get hot and it’s not just my phone as a lot of users have reported this and a fix has not been released. If there isn’t a fix, well, that’s disappointing and very hard to believe as the game looks like it woudn’t take a whole lot of resources like past games I reviewed. Demolition Inc for example, it will putany device to the test with it’s simulated explosions and general insanity.

World of Goo isn’t worth the buy at $5, it’s lack of content is disappointing, other than that, it’s a great game for both Android and iOS devices.

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