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Review: Where’s my Water? — Another Fun Puzzler

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $0.99, in-App Purchases

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Where’s my Water? is a fun puzzle-like game that was developed and created by Disney. You’ll notice that this game is very much a like in terms of Where’s my Perry? a title that is very close in relation to Where’s my Water? Where’s my Water? is most users choice of game as it came out first and has more of a priority in terms of updates. Since Where’s my Water? came out long before Where’s my Perry? you’ll also notice that the game has a ton more players that Where’s my Perry? Where’s my Perry? has 100,000 + downloads while Where’s my Water? boasts of over 1,000,000 downloads.

Where’s my Water has over 350 different levels to play through. This game by no means has free updates. It has many expansions for it though such as “Cranky Story” for $2.99. It costs more than double the original of the game. Not only that, but the game has ads in it after you pay for it. Players should not have to keep paying for upgrades to Where’s my Water? as they already payed for it. This is what many would like to call “greed.” Everything should have been included from the beginning either that or they should of just made the game free.

Overall this game rocks. The amount of puzzles you can play through even without the expansions they want you to buy, is awesome. The graphics that were developed into this game is also pretty wickedly sweet for Android devices. I’d consider it to be “minimalist” graphics in terms of the past games I have reviewed, but it’s all very detailed and enjoyable to look at. It’s definitely not something that will threaten to make your eyes bleed. They also did a really good job with the audio which I was kind of surprised of because from the pictures and video, I wasn’t expect a whole lot.

For $0.99 the game has tons of content. If you like the game obviously there are expansions and extra ducks you can purchase that will overall make the game around $6. I don’t feel like the game is worththat much, but if you really are getting into this game and are enjoying it, I’d suggest going ahead and purchasing it. If your just kind of “eh” on the game, don’t purchase it. It’ll most likely sit on your app list after you get half way through the game.

The game is great, especially for kids. Many will enjoy helping Swampy (the main character) get his water. The game has no stability issues aside from a few Google Nexus 7 reports I have heard which there should be an update for soon. Other than that, I suggest getting it, even if its for your kids as that once again, seems to be Disneys target audience. It kind of felt like they targeted both adults and children because the visuals and sounds cater to children while the more difficult puzzles cater to the adults. If they’re going to keep doing that in their games they should really add a middle ground so kids have an easier time figuring out the puzzles too.


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