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Review: Where’s My Perry? – A Puzzle Game By Disney

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $0.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Disney is great at making puzzle games. Unfortunately their line up isn’t that unique or innovative; creative even. I personally, love the different puzzle games that are out on the Android market. I find them to be very fun and often challenging enough to be engaging. One of my favorites, though it does feel like a Children’s game, is Where’s my Perry? I know, laugh all you want, but the puzzles are actually very engaging. I do have a bit of a problem with this game though. Disney has released two other games exactly the same as Where’s My Perry? but with different puzzles. Where’s My Water? is one of those titles along with it’s expansion, “Mystery Duck”.

I hate it when companies decide to not be unique. They expand on a product that did well and then refuse to take any risks in trying to make another title that could potentially do well. That’s the downfall of companies when they start just making things that do well. They lose their uniqueness and sometimes even their players because essentially, they already played the game and they don’t want to play a game that’s the same thing with new characters. Unique games like Great Big War Game and Cytus are great! It’s refreshing and most of the time really fun to play! But when you keep copying off of past games, the fun almost dwindles making you not very excited to play the game.

Anyway…on to the review.

Where’s My Perry? is the latest app Disney has released and is a take off of Where’s My Water? but offers funny dialog with a new character along with some different and unique physics-based puzzles to solve. Where’s My Perry? is based off of one of Disney’s hit show, Phineas and Ferb. You may think the game is more focused for children, but really it’s not.

Honestly, if you’re not so interested in this review, I would at least suggest downloading the game for your kids. They will literally love this game, especially if they watch Disney’s hit TV show, Phineas & Ferb as this game is take off of it. At the very least, your children will enjoy the challenging puzzles along with the different characters in the game. One of the things that I think intrigue kids the most about this game is the graphics. They almost feel tailored to them, but at the same time Disney did develop some pretty cool graphics for those who enjoy cartoon styled games. I think it was a good choice on their part, I think they’re pretty cool.

Aside from the mini rant, Where’s My Perry? is a great game, has some fun characters and some great voice acted lines in the game. The game is very similar to how Where’s My Water? works and I guess you could also relate it in a way to how Rovio’s Amazing Alex works. There are more than eighty different engaging and challenging puzzles to figure out. Each puzzle has its own difficulty and like Amazing Alex, you almost have optional difficulties to choose to go for in each level. Instead of gold stars in Amazing Alex, your trying to collect Garden Gnomes as a bonus. You could count each Garden Gnome as the following difficulties:

  • 0 Gnomes = Easy
  • 1 Gnome = Medium
  • 2 Gnomes = Engaging/Difficult
  • 3 Gnomes = Hard

You don’t need any gnomes to get past the level, you just have to get a bunch of water to Perry’s cage. That’s the easiest way to get through the puzzles and it does not require you to try and get any gnomes at all. Trying to get one gnome while getting the water to Perry’s cage feels like it increases the difficulty to a sort of “Easy” mode. The second gnome will make the game more difficult and engaging. I’ve also noticed that it inspires frustration after trying to beat the level with two gnomes after many, many different retries. Next, three gnomes will make the game hard, and I mean hard. Especially when you start getting to the more difficult levels, it is almost insanity to try and get all three gnomes. I really like how this all works, you can beat the game on a easy difficult without trying to collect anything, but for us who are more adventurous there is also options to make the game more difficult. Disney’s other title, Where’s My Water? did a similar thing. I really like the route companies are going with this sort of optional difficulty setting. It really does make the game more engaging and difficult.

Other things in the game include trying to find secret plans or codes, I’m not really sure what they are. Gathering these secret items will open up secret levels for you to figure out and adventure through. I think this adds a lot of replayablity to the game kind of like the Gnomes add replayability. Trying to unlock new levels you haven’t seen before can always be fun! Especially if the puzzle is challenging along with a very nicely designed environment.

I should also mention that the game requires you to have an Internet Connection. This is kind of lame as you can’t play it offline. Say your in a car ride and you don’t have Wi-Fi on your tablet in the car, that may just be frustrating if your trying to pass the time by until you get to your destination.

Some Google Play Reviews:

“Although it’s have similar game play with Where is My Water but it’s still fun to play. Just with new stages and little improvement. For this price I think this is still reasonable. If you don’t have Where is my Water I recommend it ! I you have Where is my water and like additional puzzle then this is the correct choice” – Hadi Rena

“I kudos disney when they came up with where’s my water … And now its bested by perry’s journey…this will undoubtedly be the best app in my list…the lasers, the dialogues are epic …even if this game was priced @ 20$, i would have bought it …kudos disney, miss swampy though…hoping for more exciting levels, just please do not stop updating levels..a must have app for every android user out there….plz release more levels..waiting.” – utkarsh

“You must be connected to the internet for the game to run, otherwise it will FC. I have a wifi only tablet and bought this game for my kiddo to play in the car. Now I have a mad kid that doesn’t understand why the game won’t work all the time. Really disappointing that there is nothing indicating you MUST be connected for the game to even function.” – Nightfall

“Regret buying this in app purchase. Nothing new or different from where’s my water. Just cashing in with a popular character. Where’s my water fans beware. Never tried to get a refund for a $1 app but this will be the first. ** update.. beware you only have 15mins to refund an app purchase. Should be ample time in this case.” – John

and…on to the final verdict of Disney’s newest game, Where’s My Perry?


The graphics? They are great! I love how they took the art style from the cartoon, Phineas & Ferb and almost ported that over into the game. They’re perfect for the Android and iOS. They also may look very similar to the graphics you’ll find in Where’s My Water? if you’ve ever played that title before. They definitely are not unique graphics, but they do fit the style of the game perfectly. I would of rathered Disney create new graphics for this game as they have a few titles that already use this type of graphics. Again…Where’s my Perry? needs to be more unique. I don’t feel like they really even tried to make this game have any exclusivity at all. It just feels like a copy of Where’s my Water?.

I do like the graphics though. I’m not saying that they are terrible. I really do like them. It just does not feel unique. It feels like a copy of Where’s my Water? I was really hoping for something that had a bit of uniqueness to it. I hope that they try to do different in their next title, this is really beginning to get old. But yeah, the graphics are great and are pretty impressive overall.


The soundtrack is pretty standard if you’ve ever seen or heard of Disney’s TV show, Phinease & Ferb. There’s a bit of difference, but that may be because it’s playing out of the phone and not the TV. I do like the soundtrack, it’s very nice and adds to the “spy” theme of the game. Is it so good that I wish I could download it like I said in my last review? No, not at all.  It’s not something that you could listen to during the day, it’s more of something that really just adds to the theme of the game.


Again, if you’ve played Wheres my Water? this is going to be extremely easy for you to pick up right away. The game isn’t your standard puzzle game. It involves trying to create paths to get the water to Perry’s prison. Getting the water to that prison will shoot Perry up into the next level with another prison where you do the same thing again. It is fun, I love the puzzles. They are engaging and difficult to figure out, which is something that is missing from a lot of different puzzle games.


There is a ton of replayability with this game. Mainly it has to deal with all the gnomes if you’re interested in trying to get all of them, which I highly suggest. I think it really adds to the fun level of the game as it makes the puzzles more difficult as I said earlier in the review. Each gnome feels like a added difficulty level, so really it also gives you the optional choice of choosing a difficulty level in a discrete way. Amazing Alex did this and so did Disney’s previous title, Where’s my Water? and I think it works out very well.

The second thing that adds to the replayability is the Secret Files you have to find throughout the levels. Trying to find these are rather difficult because you don’t know if there will be one in your current level or not. Finding all of these will result in finding a secret level which you will then have to beat and also try and get all three gnomes from. It’s a great way to increase the replayability, I think this is what they excelled on in this game.

Other than that, there really isn’t anything else that increase the replayablity unless you’re trying to listen to all the voice-acted lines tied with some cartoonish humor.


Overall, I enjoyed the game. Yeah, it’s not unique at all and is obviously a copy off of Where’s my Water? I hated that they didn’t try and go outside the box in terms of creativity. It was still a fun game though. The puzzles obviously were unique, if they copied those the game wouldn’t have very good reviews. If you’re able to look past the genericness of the game, Where’s my Perry is a great game to pick up for only $0.99.

There is hours of content in it that will keep you busy for quite some time. The puzzles are engaging and fun and the graphics are pretty dang awesome. You’ll also love the spy themed music that’s in the game. It seems like its taken from their TV show, Phinease and Ferb, but the music is still pretty sweet and was a great choice for this game.

I still hope Disney does not make another game like this unless they actually try to be creative with it. With Disney being a pretty large company and usually very creative, I expected a whole lot more than what they gave.


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