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Review: Tumblr for Mobile

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

You may or may not know, but Tumlr is not just blogging software, it’s also a social network. Share features and “reblogs” along with a like system similar to Facebook encourages users to interact with each other and share each others photo blogs or interesting things you come across. In that sense it might sound like Facebook, but it’s not. You may see similar features but it’s a huge difference. I like tumblr because of its fun designs and themes along with its great reliability and performance. I don’t use it often anymore as I have been falling into the WordPress cult. Still, if you use Tumblr you may just want to check out their very reliable mobile app.

The tumblr mobile app does all of the standard things the web client does but I feel it’s much faster and very reliable. You’ll be able to do things such as searching tags and managing your blogs. Managing your blogs is very easy to do on Tumblr. You can add posts on your blog though I have found that text blogs are very hard to do unless you’re doing a Facebook status like thing. Photo Blogs in this case are much easier to do and are actually very popular on Tumblr. You won’t find many people using tumblr for text blogs, it’s mainly all Question and Answer blogs with the majority of it being photo blogs. The photo blogs work really well on tumblr as that’s what it feels that it was designed for.

I love the photo blogs on tumblr and they are very easy to just scroll through and browse all the cool photos the community of bloggers have put up. The only thing is that depending on what quality the photos are loading in it may take a toll on your data usage. Photos on a site like tumblr that has them all at its highest quality by default has managed to sneak by me quite a few times which I have often regretted when my data’s on it’s very last leg.

Tumblr is a very high quality app that takes advantage of it’s web client to display all the photo blogs by searching a tag. You obviously should be pretty familiar with tags from the likes of twitter #likethis. The performance on the app is incredible. I usually have trouble with blogging software in the case of mobile apps like Google’s Blogger.

Overall, tumblr is a great app if you’re looking to find some pretty cool photos fast. With a quick search of a tag in this free app based off of the web client you’ll be able to browse photo blogs, text blogs and a lot more. Managing your own posts is very easy and so is posting your own photo blog. If I were to rate this app on a 5 star basis I would say it is 5 out of 5 stars. It’s a fantastic app to use.

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