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Review: TripIt Travel Organizer

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free, Ad-Free – $3.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

TripIt Travel Organizer is the world’s easiest way to organize all of your travel plans and even share them with friends and family. With TripIt you can keep all of your travel information all in one place so you’re able to stay organized and keep track of things very easily. There’s no more need about dinner times, flight times or wherever you need to go because it’s all in TripIt. It’s either all on your smartphone your tablet or on the internet at

It’s very easy to access all of this information. Simply forward it to TripIt and the app will do everything else for you. You’ll be able to access the information anywhere where there is an internet connection along with anywhere where there isn’t an internet connection.

There’s no more need to search in your inbox to find reservations along with no more hassle in trying to find directions for your hotel. No more worrying about what time your dinner starts. Like most apps, TripIt allows you to get all the information you need in time for your trip, it’s all at the tip of your fingers.¬† It’s on your smartphone, tablet or online at All you have to do is hit forward and then the app literally does the rest for you.

You can add notes and links to TripIt too, even recommendations. I had a few issues with TripIt during my time testing it, but these features worked pretty solid. I was able to add recommendations easily with little to no problems. TripIt also offers a bunch of different options to check maps, get directions and check the weather. It’s pretty useful if your a business man that goes on a lot of trips, but other than that…not to useful.

I’ve noticed that the app is buggy in offline mode. This could be due to the Olympics coming up in the U.K with an influx of users and all, but overall I found it to be pretty buggy. Some Google Play reviews have had the same issue while others are having a great experience with it so it seems that this is affecting only some users and not all of them.

The app quality is terrible. If they fix the bugs in offline mode I think it might be a lot better. Offline mode would be your primary use as usually you can’t get any internet in Airplanes according to recent articles. It’s a good idea but it needs a lot of development. Again, these issues could be due to an influx of users based on the Olympics in the U.K but then again, apps like TripIt should be prepared for these types of things. I can see where it’d be useful but again, it really, really needs more development time. After that, I really think it would be a solid and helpful app for all, but as of right now, there is no way. The offline mode is simply terrible and needs a fix.

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