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Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $6.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Okay, Spider-Man on a touch screen sounds really weird with all the swinging around you’d have to do with the webs and all. After checking it out, I noticed that that statement is wrong. It works fluidly, it’s smooth and it’s very simple to use. Gameloft has created an Open 3D world for you to play in and beat up criminals in their game, The Amazing Spider-Man that launched alongside the movie. I love the open world for these types of games, it really adds a sense of adventure to the game (more people need to do this, not just the big companies!).

As with all games, the graphics are essentially one of the most important factors in a game. Gameloft really delivers with this title. I’d argue they don’t look as good as The Dark Knight Rises but that could be because of the dark setting of Gotham City. The graphics on the Amazing Spider-Man look excellent on the iPads Retina display, but on other devices it looks decent. Obviously the Retina display is going to offer a lot more potential for Gameloft, but I really think they could of done better on the Android devices. I still say the graphics look good though, just not as good as Batman in my honest opinion.

The controls in this game are very clunky and awkward. I really think they should of taken more time to develop. Their past game, Spider-Man: Total Mayhem had engaging controls that were easy to remember while this one is just awkward and clunky. The combat system is also much the same, I feel like as this is a newer game and not a sequel there should have been a newly integrated combat system. Seeing the creativity come out of that company, I know it wouldn’t of been hard to add a new combat system. This felt like the easy way out.

Overall, the game is pretty dang good. If you don’t have a good device to play it on though, like a Transformer Prime or an iPad you’re going to be experiencing some terrible frame rate and even some wretched lagginess. Why they didn’t take time to make sure this was ready for launch, I do not know. They should of taken a lot more time on it considering it would of brought in more customers to play the game. The good thing is, they fixed this problem in Batman, so at least their is something newer we can go to.

Lastly, the voice acting needed a lot of help. It was fairly decent in The Dark Knight Rises and definitely a lot better than Spider-Man. If you can get the Amazing Spider-Man to run well on your device, you’ll have a few hours of fun. Overall, the quality of it could of used a ton more work. Therefore, I wouldn’t suggest getting this game unless you know that you have a good device. Other wise, it’s almost unplayable and as far as I know, they haven’t released an update to fix this issue.


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