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Review: Temple Run: Brave Edition

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $0.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Temple Run: Brave is a take off of the original title Temple Run based and themed around Disney’s new movie, Brave. Temple Run: Brave was made by the same company, Imangi Studios but partnered with Disney. The game is very cheap and you really get yours monies worth, it has stellar 3D graphics, beautiful music and excellent voice acting which seems to be becoming a common thing for Disney.

In Temple Run: Brave you play as Merida from Disney’s new movie, Brave and go on an endless adventures through the wilds of Scotland as your chased by a massive bear. The goal of the game is exactly like the original version of Temple Run. You go on a endless journey gathering coins, avoiding enemies and attempting to get the furthest mileage your able to get. The speed of the game still increases the farther you get into it, and maybe even a little bit more in Temple Run: Brave.

Temple Run: Brave includes a few new features, one of which is improved visual which I have to admit are outstanding and far better than anything I have seen so far. Another new feature they introduced is Archery. By hitting all the targets it tells you, it gives you a boost for your coins and is also a fairly fun mechanic added to the game. Obviously your going to experience a lot of similar things from the free game, Temple Run, but Temple Run: Brave offers new vibrant environments based off of the movie Brave and the wilds of Scotland.

Some other cool features I noticed was that with your coins you earn the store allows you to purchase wallpapers for your phone/tablet’s home screen. Not only that but it also allows you to purchase cosmetic outfits for Merida, the character you play as. The only money you will be spending in this game is to purchase the game itself, after that everything is free and earned through the in-game currency. Also, every so often when you log into the app, you’re awarded a bunch of free coins. I often get 2000 just for opening the app every so often.

Frame rate is great. I haven’t experienced any lag aside from when I have had multiple apps open but that is due to my own fault and not the developers or the publishers. So, if you find that your lagging kill some of your open apps first, then go back to the game. If it’s still not working correctly, send in a bug report as Disney Mobile and Imangi Studios usually get bugs fixed super fast. They are very good at making sure their customers are happy with their work that you paid for unlike a lot of other developers.

If your into fast paced movement and constantly wanting to beat your high score with a few extra perks, I would definitely suggest this game. The past paced action always is motivating you to keep trying again and again. This game is highly addicting.

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