Review: Tawkon – Reducing Signal Radiation

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Phone radiation levels have been a problem for quite a few years now. With the rise of all the new Android technology developer, tawkon, has created an application called “Tawkon” that supposedly helps reduce radiation levels during your time talking on the phone. You may not think this is a huge issue but with how much time we spend on our Android phones today, this application just may potentially help you with a healthier lifestyle. Keep in mind, it does not directly reduce radiation levels, but it will alert you when it detects a high spike in radiation while talking on the phone and will alert you accordingly. After that, it will give you a few tips to reduce the radiation level on your phone.

After installing this application and getting it all set up I called someone and talked for about 10 minutes. After I got off the phone Tawkon had a overall report waiting for me for that one phone call. It detected high radiation levels during the first three minutes of talking and then lowered on down until 5 minutes and from then on the radiation went up until I ended the call. Tawkon gives you a overall review of the radiation every time you end a call, you will not get your overall report though. Your overall report will come once a week via email and will tell you a few things it noticed based off of the calls you made.

Often Tawkon suggests that you use a bluetooth headset or keep the phone call on speaker phone to make sure you aren’t experiencing high radiation levels. I was considering doing both based on the high radiation it was detecting. Keep in mind that Tawkon does not record or track your phone calls. It is able to detect the radiation by analyzing levels on your devices network hardware. This can range from network types, band-GSM, UMTS, CDMA, channel, signal strength, phone model, and more. It does not and will note base the information off of who you’re talking with.

You can imagine how much help this application is if you talk on the phone a lot to make business calls or a lot of personal/family phone calls. Tawkon has vowed that they have used state of the art technology to confirm that this application works. It was even approved and validated in an FCC RF (radio frequency) lab if that tells you anything.

Overall I think the application is great and can even potentially reduce health risks if you listen to the warnings. The only thing is sometimes its a terrible battery hog and it mainly only drains the battery when you’re on the phone. It’s kind of obvious why this application would take so much battery but at the same time it’s kind of annoying. I should also note that Tawkon will emit a loud noise to warn you of your radiation levels if you’re not paying attention to the warnings. In some cases this is useful but is often just plain annoying.