Review: Tank Hero: Laser Wars – The Sci-Fi Sequel to Tank Hero

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free, $0.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Clapfoot, the developers of Tank Hero created a sequel called Tank Hero: Laser Wars which is a vast improvement upon its predecessor, Tank Hero. The game adds tons of extra levels and worlds to explore such as a space station and space itself. This sequel like I said, is a vast improvement. It’s improved a ton graphically and gameplay wise. The added features to gameplay has made this game a ton of fun. Instead of missiles now, we get to play as all kinds of different tanks with different abilities! New ways to beat puzzles!

The coolest thing that was added into Tank Hero: Laser Wars is the dynamic lighting system. Upon installing the game (there is a free version) you’ll get to see how dynamic the lighting actually is. Honestly, there are few games on Google Play and even iTunes that take advantage of dynamic lighting when they obviously should have. Games like Cytus or Lightopus could of taken advantage of this to make the games a whole lot better. Not only is the lighting dynamic in Tank Hero: Laser Wars but its also very beautiful. The different colored lasers flying across the screen in a dark space station make for a engaging experience graphics wise.

I said the improved on the graphics, but let me tell you, it wasn’t a complete overhaul. Things look sharper now, which I think they had to do to make the dynamic lighting system work. Not only do things look sharper but tanks also have their own individual designs now instead of solid colors. They’ve also added a lot more detail to tanks weapon wise. It isn’t all just missiles in bombs now, it’s lasers. I think this was a good move because the lack of detail in Tank Hero got old after a while.

The gameplay has improved a ton. They’ve added a bunch of different ways to do puzzles now. Some ways it’ll limit your movement in a little square so you can’t travel across the whole level. You have to dodge the lasers as all four to six tanks fire at you at once. This is fun and engaging due to the difficulty of it all, it’s not so difficult that you can’t beat it, but difficult enough so that you feel engaged in the game. Again, this was a great move to go. Tank Hero felt a bit too easy.

There are tons more levels added to the game. At least ten times more than there was in Tank Hero. Also, they added new space worlds as I said earlier, the only thing is, they are a whole lot more detailed and jam packed with content. I’m very glad that developer, Clapfoot, was able to expand upon their previous title that was a pretty good idea in terms of creativity.

I do wish they would update the game with more levels though. Tank Hero: Laser Wars seriously gets addicting after a while. I’d even be fine if they charged for the levels, I just need more!