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Review: SwiftKey 3 – A Custom Keyboard For Your Convienience

Available On: Android

Price: Free, Paid – $3.99

Download: Google Play

SwiftKey 3 is a custom designed keyboard by the SwiftKey developers. This Keyboard is so amazing I don’t even know how to begin to describe it. I guess I will start with how it works. SwiftKey 3 is unique from any other keyboard out there. Upon installing the keyboard it will ask for you to download a language pack, and then it will ask to sync with your text messages, twitter, Facebook, email or even all of them if you so wish. SwiftKey 3 does not read all your private information and store it on one of their servers, but it reads your personality through the emails you send, Facebook statuses you update, text messages you send and so on. After it learns all of that information after a couple of days of using the keyboard, SwiftKey 3 will begin to start guessing your messages and allow you to quickly insert the word you were thinking. It’s not always accurate, but 90% of the time I have found it knew exactly what I was going to type or say. It makes sending emails and texting at least a hundred times faster than it usually would take you.

If you decide you’re not comfortable with it reading the way you type, there is an option to clear all language data that SwiftKey has learned over the hours, days and weeks or however long you’ve used the app. It will remove all of that, so if you decide to pick up the app again, SwiftKey is going to have to re-learn everything it once knew. Still not comfortable with it reading that information? SwiftKey can learn the way you type by just using the keyboard. It takes a lot longer but eventually it starts picking up the words you’re thinking and/or want to say.

Since I started using SwiftKey 3, it has corrected 1,671 of my typos accurately and also has saved over 3,745 keystrokes. It’s predicted 63 of my next words and has completed 736 of my words. It also says it has made my typing 35% more efficient than it used to be when it detected my Facebook account, texting and all that it needed to know. Looking at the statistics before and after using SwiftKey 3 is really cool because it actually shows you what it has done for you and isn’t just a psychological tease. It’s a actual keyboard that actually learns how you think and type. Isn’t that amazing?

SwiftKey 3 also comes with pre-loaded themes for your keyboard. If you don’t like the default Dark Blue theme, there are at least 5 more to choose from to fit your style and liking. I personally use the Cobalt theme because I think it’s pretty cool. Another really cool theme is the Neon theme, it’s almost like a glow in the dark theme. It’s really cool.

There are so many things SwiftKey 3 does that I really can’t even begin to explain. Inside the app they have a button that will take you to their website with a few video tutorials on how to use the app to its fullest extent. I can’t comment on the free version of SwiftKey 3 as I have not even bothered to use it. After watching the introduction video the keyboard, I was instantly sold and went and purchased it. I completely skipped over the free version.

SwiftKey 3 supports over 20 different languages so everyone around the world can experience the smartest and most intelligent keyboard ever developed. Obviously everyone does not “need” this keyboard, but its a very cool app and really worth it I think. I enjoy it and with all the different themes it comes with, the style almost never gets redundant and boring.

Overall SwiftKey 3 is a great app and as far as I have experience, has no glitches. I’ve really enjoyed this purchase and have been using it for a little over a month now. If you were wondering, there’s also a tablet version if you’d prefer to test it out on a device like that. SwiftKey 3 has been out for a while and is still getting very consistent updates, it should be safe to assume that the developers are very committed to expanding SwitftKey 3 and making sure their customers are happy with it!

Some reviews from Google Play to back up what I’ve said:

“It’s a great keyboard sometimes don’t even have to look at my phone to text because of the predictions it puts could use more themes tho other than that I like it.” – Sergio

“Was using the Samsung in built keyboard but was not impress by it’s correcting strength. SwiftKey however made me go wow and I’m impressed by the level of accuracy, something on par or even better than apple keypad software.” – Chin Seng

“Great keyboard, best in the Android Market in my opinion. Makes typing easier for me and fixes all my corrections perfectly. I can now type without looking at my screen thanks to this keyboard. The only thing I would like to see is new themes :).” – Roger

“Didn’t think I’d ever pay for a keyboard, but, so worth it for the predictive text.” – Janevincent

“Some day you will get fed up with your stock keyboard app. I even advocated Swype for a while, it is truly innovative and I couldn’t think myself going back to typing words one letter at a time. But once I started using Swiftkey, just after a while, I couldn’t go back. It just makes writing a breeze. You won’t believe how accurately it guesses what you want to write, sometimes with just a few keystrokes, sometimes before you even start typing. It’s THAT good. I’m already using the Swiftkey 3 beta and what couldn’t be any better… is even better. Keep it coming, guys, you rock!” – Somatando

Right now, a lot of the reviews are fairly negative because the Jelly Bean support for SwiftKey 3 hasn’t been finished yet. They actually just released the update today, so looking at the best rated reviews would probably be your best bet!

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