Review: Springpad – Like Pinterest? You’ll Like This Too!

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Springpad isn’t a bad app at all. In fact it’s pretty good and has a very close relation to Pinterest, one of the latest internet fads. Pinterest does not have a Android app though, so Springpad makes for a great alternative. It’s also very helpful if you find some things around the internet that you’d like to remember for future use and only have your Android or iOS device on hand. Springpad has a ton of features and different things you can do with the app, its very, very detailed.

Upon launching the app you’ll be asked to create an account. You can do this through email, Facebook, Google or even Yahoo. I feel like most people would use Facebook for obvious reasons. Signing up by email is probably your best bet though if you want to keep your privacy and information off of the internet. People probably would recognize you because of Facebook though. Each choice has its ups and downs, so really it’s a preference I guess.

Evernote is very similar to this but various reviewers have said they’ve uninstalled that app and completely switched over to Springpad. Springpad is very easy to use aside from a few bugs when adding webpages to your notebooks you’ve created. Upon adding something to Springpad, Springpad tries to enhance it by searching something like a movies database and adding said movies information to your notebook item. I thought that was a cool feature. It’s something you don’t see in Pinterest. Nor could Pinterest really do that because of the way it was designed. Still a cool feature though.

One of the things I got a chuckle out of as I was testing the app out and such is the “Spring it!” tag at the top of the app. Pinterest has something similar called “Pin it!”. You can tell they tried to make a copy off of it for Android devices. I wouldn’t call it a ripoff though as Springpad has a lot of its own features that Pinterest doesn’t have that should have, but doesn’t. I just found the similarity kind of funny.

If your notebooks are public, people will be able to visit those notebooks and Spring it for themselves. There are option to make it private, but I find that I can find some really cool stuff if left public. Again, if your worried about privacy and such, I would make it private. Springbook and Pinterest are the kind of tools that are best used public, but obviously if your going to be Springing photos of your children or family for friends to see, it should be left private for you to just invite certain people to the notebooks.

Another cool thing you can do on Springboard, which you should be familiar with if you’ve ever used Pinterest, is that you can follow certain notebooks or in Pinterests’ case, “boards”. That way you can always be kept up to date on what’s going on with that notebook. Obviously by now you should begin to see the familiarities with Pinterest and if you have used Pinterest before, this app will be very easy for you to pick up and begin using right away. For newer users, it’s not that hard to figure out at all especially with the small tutorial upon your first time of launching the app.

Overall it’s a great app and I suggest it if your constantly trying to remember web links and items for future use. It’s one of the better designed Pinterest or Evernote-like apps and it’s completely free. There are so many features to this app I can’t even begin to list them all. I highly suggest heading over to the Google Play store and reading through them.