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Review: Spotify – Social Streaming Music Player

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free, In-App Premium Service

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Since Facebook has teamed up with Spotify to integrate the application with Facebook, this music app has become very, very popular among users. Boasting over 100,000+ downloads and over 51,000 positive reviews, Spotify created by Spotify Ltd is one of the worlds most loved music applications. Obviously we all know that Pandora is the way to go, but if you want the social networking experience too Spotify may just be the music application for you. The only downside to this is it is free, but asks that you pay for premium to get the full experience while Pandora does not do that. It’s almost like Spotify forces you to do this because the only allow you 48 hours of listening time total along with a free trial. After both are up you’ll have to pay for premium to continue using the Spotify application.

Spotify is much like Pandora in the case of streaming music to your mobile device while you’re in the car driving, doing work in the yard and really any situation that requires a music boost. Spotify also has a lot of features that Pandora does not offer. One of this features is creating playlists and then sharing them with your friends. If you’re looking for more music to listen to or expanding on what you listen to, this is a really great feature in Spotify that also works really, really well.

One of the huge features of Spotify is to be able to send the tracks your listening to to Facebook. This will either post what you’re listening to on Spotify as well as update your profile chat icon to say that you’re currently listening to music on Spotify. It also lists the song and gives you an option to listen to the music with your friend. Don’t worry though, the person listening with you will be using their own data connection and not yours.

Those are cool features in Spotify. But Spotify also is a terrible application. Pandora boasts to have one of the lowest data consuming applications in the music streaming department on Google Play ever. That statement has proved to be true after a number of users reported that after using Spotify for 6 days it’s used 4GB of their data plan. Spotify literally sucks your data plan dry and thus, I recommend using it over Wi-Fi if you plan on taking it for a test drive. In the data usage area, it is quite obvious that Pandora takes the upper hand there.

Spotify is a good app. I personally really like it, it has great aesthetics, but is no where near as good as Pandora. Pandora caters to your interested while Spotify’s purpose seems to be just a way to stream your music in a social environment. It’s not worth the premium subscription nor is it worth throwing your data plan out the window. I personally think you get a much better experience with music streaming with Pandora than anything else out there right now.

Just a personal opinion that has facts behind it. I definitely do not recommend getting Spotify.

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