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Review: Qr Droid – One of the best QR Readers

Available On: Android


Download: Google Play

Some apps really stink at reading QR codes. In this case, QR Droid is actually one of the best apps to help you read QR codes. It does not just read QR codes though, it does a whole lot more than that. Such as making QR Codes. Yes, you can actually make a QR Code on your phone or tablet. This app is great if your looking to advertise your business and trying to get a QR code to read properly. QR Droid is honestly one of the best free apps you could possibly get for all of your QR Code needs.

QR Droid offers a elegant and easy to use UI. It’s not cluttered and it’s not hard to use. QR Droids also keeps track of what QR Codes you have scanned in and what QR codes you’ve created. If you found a unique QR Code on vacation or on a business trip and won’t be able to see that same QR Code again, having it in your QR Droid history is a very helpful feature. Another cool part of the history feature is that if you have created one and then forgot what the embedded code was you can always go back into the history and grab that again. It’s a very useful tool to have. If you’d rather not save your QR Codes to the QR Droid history it’s very easy to hop on over into the setting menu and disable that function. There are also some other very useful features in the QR Droid app such as beeping after scanning a code so you know that it scanned it properly. There are also some features that will allow QR Droid to copy the url or embedded code to your clipboard. It’s definitely not a huge revolutionary feature, but is helpful.

Also, if you don’t know what a QR code is or how to read one, QR Droid has some helpful information for you to read about. It’s short and sweet too, so there won’t be an issue of not understanding. Basically at it’s core is another way to do advertising. Many people have QR codes in their stores that will let you purchase and download a game almost instantly while other QR Codes in stores will load up a web page with a bunch of extra information about their product. It’s a very cool way to advertise.

Overall, QR Droid is a great app and is very stable. I haven’t had it crash yet and reads QR Codes very well. Other apps like Barcode Scanner do the same thing, but isn’t a very stable app. Nor can it create or share QR Codes, so that makes it very limited compared to QR Droid. QR Droid is a free app for everyone to use. Not only that, but there are no ads in it either! Hopefully this review has helped you made a decision on this app. It is a really good and app and very well designed.

This app is only available to android users as its name suggests.

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