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Review: Pocket RPG

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $1.99, $4.99 on iTunes

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Pocket RPG is one of those fun RPG games you’ll find find on the Google Play Store. This game launched with some game breaking bugs that really ruined the experience for a lot of players. Since then, the game has had updates to fix those bugs and now there is some very smooth gameplay. You may find this game to be similar to the likes of Torchlight for the PC or Dungeon Master 3 for Android devices. It is similar, but it improves upon both games offering a very unique experience. The game runs smoothly and is stable, I haven’t had any issues with crashing yet.

Some of the classes you’ll be able to play as include the Blade Master. You can think of this character as a warrior type hero. He mainly uses melee weapons and is very destructive around his enemies. He also has some very devastating skills that players can take advantage of to completely decimate and slaughter their enemies. I don’t think this character is my favorite though. The Dark Ranger is where things get interesting.

I may just be a sucker for Rangers, but I love how versatile and deadly the Dark Ranger is in this game. It’s a really fun class to play as you summon waves of arrows to bounce off of walls along with searching down enemies. This isdefinitely my favorite class to play. Pocket RPG offers hours of content between three different classes. I’ve only noted two to keep the review short, but there is another class called the Battle Mage. That’s a fun class but not nearly as fun as the Dark Ranger or Blade master, in my opinion. The Battle Mage is very fragile and sometimes hard to play, so I tend to lean on the Blade Master or Dark Mage.

Pocket RPG is not a scores type of game. Items you find matter, just like it would matter in Torchlight and Diablo 3 (both popular PC games). If you’ve played either of those games you should know what I am talking about. Items basically define your character and how he or she is going to play. How strong he or she is going to be and so on.

Lastly, the graphics are outstanding. I know, graphics don’t always define a game, but they sure do add a lot to it. The game has some seriously awesome graphics. Between the lighting and realism of fireballs and such, I think they did a really fantastic job. The game takes a cartoony look so you aren’t going to be seeing a whole lot of realism at all really. There are bits but not much.

Pocket RPG was created by Tasty Poison Games and is available right now for $1.99. For the amount of content you get out of that game, the price is highly worth it and I really suggest giving it a try. You can get a refund if you refund the game before 15 minutes is up. So if you don’t like it, it’s very easy to get your money back. It’s definitely a cool game though.

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