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Review: Plume for Twitter

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Are you getting tired of the old and crusty look of Twitter? I’m not, but you might be. Plume is a great way to customize the look of your mobile twitter client. I have heard many good things about Plume and after checking it out for myself I have found that this app is actually really cool. The best part is, it’s free! Plume will help you get rid of the old and crusty look of twitter. When Google bought Android they were all about keeping the operating system open and customizable, Plume is a cool app that kind of expands on that policy by digging into the Twitter for Android API.

From what I have found the app’s performance and reliability works really well. You never lose your customization, Plume saves it for you so there is no reason to re-customize it every time you open up the app. A lot of apps reset the customization after you close the app, thankfully Plume does not follow that same kind of route. Plume has compatibility for supporting multiple twitter accounts too, so there’s no need to worry about keeping it balanced in between your business and personal accounts.

Plume also has an internal browser that works very well. Obviously you’re still going to need a browser like Firefox or the stock browser on your phone, but for fast searches I think you’ll find Plume’s internal browser to work really well. I can’t explain how well the performance works on the internal browser as I didn’t use it that much compared to the core Plume application. From what I saw though, the internal browser for Plume worked really well and as said earlier, it’s pretty convenient too.

Plume has over 40,000 different users. According to Google Play reviews the majority of the users love the app while others have some serious issues with it which seems to be in correlation with its most recent update. I, personally have had no issues with the app or its performance. It’s a fantastic way to customize your twitter client and works really well.

The Plume app on Google Play boasts to be one of the best customization apps and it probably is. But, it’s rather limiting in terms of actually customizing where things go. All you’ll be doing is changing the colors and different styles. You won’ be able to change the layout. I highly think that that they should look into a way to do that, but as of now all you can do is change the colors and style.

Overall, great app. I think it needs some customization options. I do believe it is currently the best app for customization though. Hopefully we’ll be seeing future options for customization along with some bug fixes that the other Google Play users are reporting. I do wonder if these issues have to deal with the recent update to Jelly Bean.

All that aside, it’s a great application and if you want a new look and feel for Twitter, use Plume.

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