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Review: Out of Milk – The Virtual Shopping List

Available On: Android

Price: Free, Paid – $1.99

Download: Google Play

Looking to keep your shopping list organized and with you all of the time? Hate losing your shopping list? Out of Milk fixes that problem for you by allowing you to type in your shopping list on your phone. The app has a ton of features for you to keep your shopping list organized, find coupons, write down to-do lists and etc. It literally does everything you would expect out of a Shopping List app and more. With very consistent updates from the developer, Capigami, the app is very well designed and is a must use for anyone with a smartphone. Paper is so last year.

Obviously, Out of Milk is a shopping list and with a shopping list you have to write things into it. Out of Milk doesn’t just let you do that though, they give you a second option which is scanning or entering in a barcode into the database. It will then look up the item for you and if it can’t find it, it’ll ask you to put the item information in so next time you can easily just scan it again instead of having to add in all the information about the item for a second time. That is a very, very helpful feature if your in a rush. I should also mention that it works with the built in microphone. After clicking the button that allows you to do that, just say “milk” and milk will be added to the list of items.

Not only can you enter items into your shopping list, but with a swipe of the item you can also cross them off and they’ll be moved down to the bottom of the list with a strike-through. You can also touch your item and a few different options will come up. You can copy the text, delete the the item, move the item, edit the item or just touch “done” to cross the item out instead of swiping it.

If your trying to keep your pantry list separate from your everyday shopping list, Out of Milk lets you do that too. You can either add your own list or use the default lists that come with the app.  The defaults are “Spice Rack” and “Essentials”. Again, you don’t have to use those as you can just add your own lists to it very easily. The Pantry List works exactly like your Shopping List, it just keeps things categorized and separated for your convenience.

Have a lot of things to do today? Never fear! Out of Milk helps you with that too by allowing you to create a To-Do list! Again, this works much like the Shopping List and Pantry List. It just helps you keep all your to-do’s and such very organized for your convenience. I love the organization on the app and find it’s very helpful. Some other standalone apps have better To Do lists with notifications and everything though. If your just looking for a general list, this will do fine.

Some other cool features is that you can email or text your shopping list to friends or family. Oh and your shopping list also will show you your grand total of your order if you enter the prices in correctly. Sometimes its off by six or so cents because an item’s price was either listed is tax or no tax. Out of Milk also sends your list to an online account you create upon launching the app. This allows you to get your shopping list from anywhere. Maybe you left your phone at home and just have a tablet with you, you can pull up your Out of Milk shopping list from very quickly.

Another cool feature in Out of Milk is that it will sync your lists between all of your devices. You could be at the grocery store entering in a new something or other you need to do on your To-Do list. By telling Out of Milk to sync it will update that on your tablet at home or your friend’s phone halfway across the Americas. Features like this are usually pretty buggy, but it seems to work very well.

Buying Out of Milk Pro isn’t really necessary, but is pretty cool when it gives you a lot of new features. With Out of Milk Pro you can pick from a few different themes instead of the standard default theme. You can also pick from different fonts to use. The pro feature allows for a lot of different customization including coupon management and different widgets. Lastly, you also get priority e-mail support if you are a pro user for Out of Milk which is always helpful.

Overall Out of Milk is a great app, great design and really awesome features. The fact that you don’t “need” the Pro version is also a very nice thing to note as a lot of developers limit what you can do with the app until you toss them a couple of bucks. I highly suggest getting this app as it really feels bug-free. I personally haven’t encountered any problems with it even after their latest update. Of course, you can’t expect to see Out of Milk bug-free after every update, but they tend to release very good quality updates for their very high quality app.

Unfortunately Out of Milk is only available to Android users and not iOS users. It hasn’t been said if we can expect to see this app on iOS yet. Hopefully we will in the coming future. Honestly, unless it’s planned on being an Android exclusive, it would be a bad idea to not release it for iOS as I am sure many users are/would really look forward to that app.

Obviously not everyone will enjoy the app, but to each his own. I find it very helpful and it is very worth the purchase.

Happy shopping! May your lists be long and organized!

UPDATE: An Out of Milk developer has mentioned that they plan on supporting both Android and iOS platforms so there is an iOS version scheduled for release within the next month or so.

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