Review: Osmos HD

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free, $2.99, $4.99 on iTunes

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Osmos is a absolutely beautiful game created by Hemisphere games. The game is basically “absorb or be absorbed.” In this game you enter the Darwinian universe as a mote. The goal of the game is to absorb larger organisms thus expanding how large your mote is. Once you get big enough or escape the different puzzles Osmos has you win the level and move onto the next. This game has tons of levels to play through and even though the game has a price point of $2.99 the amount of content you get is well worth the price. I was skeptical about this game as I didn’t think playing a game based off of a Darwinian theory would be very fun. It’s actually very mesmerizing though and very worth the price.

The gameplay won’t catch your attention right away. Though it is engaging, the first thing you’ll notice is the hypnotic music. I read somewhere that this game was meant to “relax” you through music and simple gameplay. I don’t remember where I read that as it is not on their Google Play page, but the statement stands firm. It is a very relaxing game and the puzzles are simple enough that you don’t need to be thinking to hard.

The next thing you’ll notice is most likely the graphics. This game is a beautiful game, a ton better than Lightopus. Yeah, there isn’t a whole lot to look at, but all the designs of the in-game models are very detailed and the lighting system is perfect. The graphics and hypnotic soundtrack mixed together make for a very “soothing” experience. There is a demo for Osmos if the game sounds weird so far, so you can check it out for yourself. I honestly would download the demo first as the game probably isn’t for everybody. It’s an interesting concept that works really well, but again, not everybody will like this game.

Next you’ll notice the engaging gameplay. It’s rather difficult to control your “mote” and keep it from trying to eat other organisms that are much, much larger than you. As you progress in further levels it’s also very hard to avoid matter. The odd thing is, you usually don’t get frustrated if you lose the level. I felt happy to play it again, I had fun with the level. I found myself often going back to previous levels to replay them anyway. I never went back to the easy levels though, I kinda stayed around the difficult ones. I guess difficult isn’t really the word for it. It was difficult enough that it was engaging but still achievable.

Osmos is honestly one of my favorite games. It has tons of content and is consistently updated with bug fixes and sometimes extra levels. I highly suggest playing the game with headphones to fully experience the extent of the hypnotic soundtrack. It sounds truly amazing. Just your normal device can’t produce the full quality of the sound so headphones are a must.

Hemisphere Games did an extraordinary job on Osmos. I especially love their continued updates and support for the game. After all the content you get with Osmos, $2.99 really isn’t a bad deal. It’s performance is incredible and rarely will you ever find your device having issues running the game or overheating. Playing this game on a tablet is also probably your best option as there is more screen room then on a smartphone. That way, you might find it easier to move around the map without bumping into larger organisms.

I highly, highly suggest purchasing this app. You will not regret it.