Review of the iCache Geode Digital Wallet for iPhone

The Geode digital wallet is certainly one of the best startup projects which has been noticed in the recent times. iCache is the brain behind this wonderful digital wallet app that stores securely all sorts of credit, debit and loyalty card details.

When launched back in March they made an immediate splash as the best digital payment app for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The major selling point of Geode is definitely the combination of software and hardware that combines to provide a secure payment process. Unlike other providers such as CardStar which uses only a software, Geode’s barcode scanned correctly all major retailers that were initially tested at.

The steps to use the system goes like this – first the Geode case has to be attached to the iPhone. When attached it looks like a travel battery pack for the iPhone. Then download and install the Geode app from iTunes. Now you have to scan your finger on the biometric scanner on the Geode case. This ensures a fail safe security standard and encrypts all data when you swipe the card at the point of sale.

Now attach the card reader to the case and scan all the credit, debit and loyalty cards to it. At the point when you need to make a purchase, you have to initiate the Geode app and select the card that you wish to use. Next, authenticate the transaction using your finger by pressing on the Geode logo at the bottom of the screen and the transaction goes through.

Additionally, the Geode system also comes with a universal credit card that can be programmed on the fly and can be used at retail stores and anywhere else they use a swiping machine. Just a few touches and the universal card can emulate your MasterCard or Visa card or even your loyalty card.