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Review: NVIDIA TegraZone — Finding Apps Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

The NVIDIA TegraZone App is really helpful when your looking for the best Android games fitted for your device that is powered by a Tegra processor. In the app you’ll be able to find game reviews, high definition videos along with exclusive gameplay and behind-the-scenes videos. One of the cool features of this app is that you can share your recommendations on your chosen social network. There is also the option to be notified of new games that the TegraZone finds every 12 hours or so. This s helpful if you’re constantly looking for new games and apps to try out.

The NVIDIA TegraZone is much like Google Play except it looks for games that are often exclusive to mobile Tegra processors. You won’t be finding any apps other than that. I love this app as it helps find the apps that are buried in the 500,000+ apps. Often it has some cool games to show that only have 10+ downloads that deserve a whole lot more fame than they currently have. So far it’s show games like Heroes Call THD, a dungeon crawler with only 26 ratings. It shows some others such as Dead Trigger and Dark Meadow. Dead Trigger is obviously not Tegra exclusive, it once was, but isn’t anymore, so a lot of other phones will be able to play that one.

The NVIDIA TegraZone also has a news column where they have the latest news on all the apps that are in the TegraZone. You’ll find things like updates on Dead Trigger, patches, new games coming up and a whole lot more. Again, the NVIDIA TegraZone is games only so you won’t be finding any regular apps that could be helpful to your everyday life. It’s basically built for gamers who love to play mobile games like Dead Trigger and some other titles.

If you’re looking for certain titles, the TegraZone has a way to search games by category. It isn’t very in your face so it  might be harder to find, but when you do find it there are tons of different categories that cater to your interests that you can choose from. A lot of these categories aren’t even listed on the Google Play store. So I guess it gives you a bit more options to help you find new games or games you’ve been looking for but been unable to find.

So far from what I’ve found is the app is very stable. It hasn’t crashed on my Atrix 2 at all so far. Usually when you download an app that is technically an addition to Google Play it’ll just crash when your phone isn’t compatible. In this case NVIDIA TegraZone will notify you that your phone or Tablet is not compatible instead of outright crashing on you. I’d expect that a company like NVIDIA would have a quality powered app anyway and that it wouldn’t crash just because it’s a very good company that makes quality products. They did an excellent job connecting it with Google Play and all.

The app is only available for Android devices.

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