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Review – NITDroid Alfa 4 for Nokia N9 “Despite” Released

Recently, Nokia N9 Despite got the fourth release of NITDroid. The Nokia N9 Despite is running on Android 4.0.4 along with a dual Boot Kernel, but without re-flashing. Following are the specs of Nokia N9 Despite.

Under the Hood

The Nokia N9 Despite is based on AOSP v 4.0.4_r2.1, which stands for Android Open Source Project. Users have access to apps from Google Applications and Android Play Store as well. Dual boot kernel that is without re-flashing so you can choose OS after a power on.

Moreover, you will get 3D drivers and Open GL in this phone along with live wallpapers for visual stuff. The screen is touch, with multi touch technology. For connection, you get USB networking, Wifi is available in this handset, but only with basic functionality, so the users are able to connect to AP and link speed / RSSI. The Bluetooth in this handset allows scanning for devices and can pair them as well. File sending via Bluetooth allows to send files between N9 and SGS2, and that is as far as we know the Bluetooth’s functionality for now.

You will get an ECI accessory (headset buttons) with it and as for volume and power buttons; they are the usual hw buttons, with a Nokia N950 keyboard.

Bugs and Known Problems

When you are horizontally scrolling on this phone, you might notice a gfx glitch. Voice search is broken and the voice calls are still WIP, so that is just about it to summarize the bugs and problems.

The handset overall seems pretty decent and will be able to hold its name in the market. If you are looking for a way to make the usage even more easier, then you can search for Commands. Not many people would know this, but there are certain commands that you can use to do stuff on your android powered smart phone. Following are some of the examples of commands that you can use in Nokia N9.

  • adb shell bb — show battery/charging status
  • adb shell rr — “restart radio” — restarts ofono and RIL
  • adb pull/push — allow get/put file from/to the device
  • adb shell — to enter to shell
  • adb logcat -b radio — for reading “radio” log
  • adb logcat — for reading “main” log

However, if you are not sure about what you are doing, then it is best that you get more info about how to use commands properly because you might do something wrong and make your cell give you a hard time in usage. You can get more adb from Android SDK (

Other installation how to’s that might come in handy for you.

1. Are you ready for NIT? ДА или НЕТ

2. Install sillyboot. Details:

3. Install dual-boot kernel:

This is all the time we have for NITDroid Alfa 4 for Nokia N9 Despite for today. Stay tuned for more news on Despite. As for conclusion, it would be best to say that this handset has more than what meets the eye, so users will just have to use it in order to figure out how good this smart phone really is.

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