Review: Music Hero — Guitar Hero for Android!

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Guitar Hero is a fun game, especially with your friends on the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. The fad of it all feels like its died out only to be brought up by the most dedicated of players after its fallout though. Thankfully, there’s something similar you can play on Android devices now that comes straight off of Google Play. Music Hero is a nice app, but it has a few issues that I have some problems with. Some of those issues are that it isn’t unique a game. Others are that they did a terrible job with the app and it feels SO generic.

Music Hero comes with three songs but you can also use your local songs on your device to play the game. That isn’t bad per say, but it was terrible developed, like someone spent about oh…3 hours on the game? The discs you have to tap coming down the line do not go with the beat at all. It’s like what they did is just told the app to play a song and then shoot random discs down the line that starts long before the song even decides to start! Guitar Hero was about playing with the beat. The fun factor is not randomly tapping discs before it gets to its destination.

The only “cool” thing about this game, is the lighting effects. Scratch that. The lighting effects aren’t even any good. There’s games that do everything better like Cytus if I should so need to name one.(future review as that game is full of awesomeness)! Even with it’s already crappy lighting effects compared to Cytus, you can “tone” them down to its lowest setting because the highest setting is so “good” that it might just blow you away. The lighting is so terrible that in my personal opinion I think Android pre-alpha could of ran them on the highest setting.

I should also mention that the combo strikes they try to get you to do, you can barely even see on the highest lighting setting. It looks like a glare in the screen, but it’s really not. It’s one of those hold to get a combo type discs. But by the time it’s almost finished, sometimes you won’t even get the combo. How can you even have a good game if the gameplay does not even work correctly? You simply can’t.

Their Google Play Store page claims its the best rocking rhythm-based game around. It may be okay to give it credit for that if it was released in 2010. But guess what? It was updated last just recently on July 23rd, 2012.

Allow me to just come out and say it. This game is terrible. Don’t even bother downloading it to see how terrible it is. All you need to know is that it’s “visually striking interface” along with its “beautiful graphics” is a lie. This isn’t even a game! It’s songs playing in the background as you watch visual animations go by.

The gameplay is so easy that the company sums it up in one sentence: “Tap the discs when passing the bar at the bottom to score points for accuracy and timing”.

What I hate most about this game, that makes it even worse is the plastered ads all over the app. It’s not even worth having if every time you launch the app you get a full-screen ad, then you go to the home page, there’s another two ads. Then you go in the game, and there’s another! There’s not even a full version to get rid of these ads!

Google Play Reviews:

“Phase was developed by Harmonix (Guitar hero makers) for iPods to use with your own music. This game has potential but still can’t match certain aspects Phase had. Phase had cool backgrounds as you moved thru a song, almost like going on a journey. They also had a point/combo system with a series of checkpoints so that it was possible to fail a song and more challenging. This game is sometimes glitchy on standard mode. Phase also processed your music library which may be why its beats were more accurate” – Andrew

“It doesn’t even work! It gives random notes and it glitches up and it doesn’t stay with the song! Who ever made this should seriously consider an update soon” – Kassie

“This is a tap tap revenge rip off and does a horrible job at it. 3 songs to choose from none official either and using your own music makes it worse. The beat/buttons you tap just aren’t in sync with the rhythm and beat of the song its horribly random. Make an update for players to create their own song with difficulty by uploading their own songs and taps and maybe it’ll be better.” – David

People honestly, need to get more creative with their games and at least put more time into it. This wasn’t putting time into it, this was rushing. Thus they have a terrible game with almost no quality to it. Words Mobile, the developers of Music Hero, make a lot of games, a lot of them aren’t even fun and others like this one that could potentially be fun, they don’t put any work or quality into.

I really suggest not even bothering with this game, it looks fun at first, but will later make you rage with anger.


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