Review: Movies by Flixster

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

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Movies by Flixster was created by Flixster Inc. and is actually one of the better movie review and rating apps that I have found. It’s usually really hard to find apps that will give you quality reviews aside from a select few. The reviews are not from Flixster themselves but comes from another site called Rotten Tomatoes. That site also has some really good reviews so when reading reviews on Flixster you’ll be reading quality content and not mumbo jumbo that some kid on the internet came up with. Obviously you won’t agree with all the reviews but the majority of them offers some quality reading and brings up some pretty good points fairly often.

There were about three really cool and notable things I found in this application. The first is that you could browse showtimes from your local theatres and even purchase tickets from them if that theater is participating in that feature. The next thing is that Flixster will allow you to watch high quality trailers for your selected movie. That way you’ll be able to watch it right on the app without having to go to YouTube to find the trailer yourself. It’s a pretty handy feature and I think is one of the most helpful ones aside from the Rotten Tomato reviews.

The other thing you can do is manage and view your Netflix queue off of Flixster. I have no idea how in the world they were able to add this feature in because as far as I know Netflix doe snot have an API that is available to the public. Either way, this is a really cool feature within the application and since Flixster is free, this app is worth getting for that alone. At least that’s my opinion. Especially if you’re a avid movie goer.

Another thing you’ll be able to do (the last notable thing in the application) is download and stream movies from your device. Okay, that’s standard for a lot of movie applications. But guess what? The first movies on them. Yes, you read that right, you gt a free movie of your choice. Obviously this will download to your phone or tablet. You can choose to stream it too, you don’t have to directly download it. Also, if you want to gift a movie to a friend, Flixster will allow you to do that by using Facebook and/or text messaging.

Movies by Flixster is a great free application. I’ve found it be of the utmost quality and it is also very rare that an application would offer you a free movie just by creating an account with them. I’m sure there are people who abuse this feature, but it is very nice to get a free movie either way. I haven’t experienced any crashing issues, so as far as I know there isn’t any bugs or glitches you’ll come across and have to deal with.

This is a great application and I highly recommend looking into it and even giving it a download!


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