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Review: Motiv8 – Stay Motivated While Exercising

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $1.08, $0.99 on iTunes

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Have you had trouble staying motivated while exercising or running? Developer Moshen Limited has created Motiv8 to help you get your fitness back on track with the Olympic legend himself, Michael Johnson. The Motiv8 app is here to help you stay motivated while exercising with its upbeat music and Michael Johnson as a drill instructor. Michael Johnson will be with you every step of the way as you run giving you words of praise and encouragement whilst listening to some music.

Upon opening the app your greeted with some really well done up-beat music to get you motivated and pumped for your run. I could honestly listen to it all day long.

One of the cool things about Motiv8 is the statistics option. It tracks every run you’ve ever done. It also tracks your total distance, run time, highest speeds, longest runs and so much more. Sometimes after a hard run it might be encouraging to see how far you’ve actually ran after you get home. Thinking you only ran a mile and then seeing you ran three miles is pretty awesome.

Motiv8 also has some goals or “achievements” for you to earn to keep yourself in the routine and in the game. Some achievements like “Fast 5M” require you to run five miles in under a 1/2hr. For those who love earning achievements in their games might find this to be a interesting challenge. Obviously there’s no real physical or virtual reward you’ll get for completing these achievements but you will be able to brag to your friends and family with proof. After that, maybe they will be encouraged to pick up the app too? Those are just some of the minor features that Motiv8 is packed with.

The next option you have to select in Motiv8 is the “Courses” option. The courses option allows you to edit and look at the different courses you’ve taken on your run. Yes, once you start your run, Motiv8 tracks the course you take with some help from Google Maps.

Upon starting a run, you can choose a route you’ve already taken, or you can start a completely new run for yourself. As a side note, I recommend starting a new run at least once a week and take a different route. It’s cool having it track your different routes and instead of seeing the same thing every day taking a new route will keep you refreshed to keep running. It’s a psychological thing.

I should also note that there’s a few settings for Michael Johnson too that you should check out. You can change his mode from drill to normal, at that point the words might be a bit more encouraging for you.

If Motiv8 crashes for some reason, once you open the app back up it’ll ask you if you want to resume your run, save it or discard it. After my phone froze because I had way too many apps open at once, I had to restart it and Motiv8 was able to pick up right where I left off. That’s a very nice feature so you don’t have to start your run all over again or try and guess how much you’ve already done.

While your running, you can send up a playlist inside Motiv8 using another app like Google Music. After selecting your playlist you can choose whether to play it our pause it. Whilst listening to the music, Michael Johnson likes to interrupt and keep you going. You can also choose a Turbo song for when you need that extra boost to keep going. I’m not sure if its a coincidence or if it’s programmed into the app, but when I tend to turn the Turbo song on Michael Jordan tends to begin talking more. Again, I’m not sure if that’s a coincidence or not.

The music feature in Motiv8 is actually not working at the time of this writing. It was working yesterday, but after updating Google Music to its latest version it’s completely stopped. There hasn’t been an update to fix this yet, hopefully there will be soon though. I really enjoy the music feature in this app, it really helps keep you going, the Turbo option is especially helpful.

Before you start your run, Michael Johnson always starts you off with a few stretches so your ready to go, won’t feel tight and clenched up and also will reduce sudden injuries. Also, before you warm up, there’s a ton of different distance options you can choose to go and set for yourself. These options seem to tie in with the achievements, such as the 5 mile run. Those runs are also tracked and put in your run log.

Lastly, we have the info panel. The info panel literally explains everything you need to know about the app before you even start your run. It shows and explains running distances, stretches, Motiv8 mapping, the compass and the different music options you have along with showing you how to turn Michael Jordan’s motivational messages on or off. Turning them off is alright, but his motivational messages usually come at the exact right time.

Overall, Motiv8 is a great app if your trying to get back into fitness. I do have some issues with it though, one of them is the music error as I explained earlier in the review. The other is that there is no way at all to officially “close” the app. When you press the home button or back button on your phone the music from Motiv8 still continues to play and will only stop while a notification or phone call comes in. After the notification or phone call, the music starts right back up again. I’d really like to see them fix this as I hate rebooting my phone every time I use the Motiv8 app. Hopefully they will fix this error soon.

Motiv8 was recently released for both Android and iOS devices. It’s currently priced at $1.08, which is a very nice price for such a very high quality app. I highly suggest purchasing this if you really want to get into fitness or want to get back into it.

It really is a great way to get started.


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