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Review: Minecraft – The Pocket Edition!

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $6.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Minecraft has sold over 6,500,000 copies so it’s not much of a surprise that Mojang, the developer, would create the game for mobile devices too. Minecraft: Pocket Edition is available for both Android and iOS devices, but it’s not like the game you’d be playing on your PC or Mac. If you’ve ever played the “free” version of Minecraft or even some very early previous builds of the current Minecraft the Pocket Edition is much like that. You’ll notice it won’t have a lot of features that your PC version of Minecraft has such as mod capabilities, custom skins and etc. The game costs $6.99 and by no means is it worth that price, I feel that Mojang is just trying to earn some cash off of their popularity.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition isn’t a bad game, it’s very good in terms of quality and design. Not only that but from the sales numbers you can obviously tell its one of the worlds favorite games. One cool thing that you can do in the Pocket Edition on your phone is actually save multiplayer worlds. That is a cool concept but I think as of right now its for your local area network only, it’s not for playing with others that are halfway across the country or world. I can understand why it’s only for the local area network too, just imagine how much data the Minecraft: Pocket Edition would take up/hog trying to run the multiplayer worlds off of your phone whilst having a bunch of players in the world. Ouch.

In the Pocket Edition you’ll be seeing your standard Minecraft experience. Randomly generated worlds, 36 different blocks to choose from and use in your creations and build anything you can imagine, really. People have built real life scales of the Millennium Falcon in Minecraft and since this is basically just a PC port with less features, you’ll be able to do the same in the Pocket Edition. I can imagine it would be a bit more difficult as you’re using your thumbs instead of a mouse to play the game.

In the latest update of the Pocket Edition it allows you to grow tree’s with saplings, make furnaces and boasts that you can now use every item in the game. Glad they were able to do that, but since the furnace is a key part of the game (to smelt ores so you can make tools to continue your adventure) shouldn’t it of been there in the first place? The Pocket Edition seems really behind in what the PC version can do. Some things I understand why they can’t be in the Android version currently, but leaving essential things out like a major part of crafting? It’s there now, so I guess it does not matter a whole lot.

The game is very stable, but again I don’t feel like its worth it for $6.99. If you have friends to play with in your local area network, I would think it would be a pretty good purchase for that, otherwise wait until a price drop or discount. It’s current price is bogus.


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