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Review: MagicLocker – Want To Customize Your Lock Screen?

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

MagicLocker is an app for Android devices that allows you to customize your lock screen with a variety of different styles without installing a custom rom or mod on your device. There’s at least a hundred different lock screens to choose from, some free and some premium but all of them are very well designed. Some lock screens have a seasonal theme while others are themed off of movies like Transformers and others have a rustic theme to them. Since the standard lock screen often gets boring after seeing it hour after hour, day after day, this is a very creative app that does not void your warranty for rooting your device. There’s not rooting involved, no custom roms, no mods, nothing!

How does it work then? It’s almost required to root your device and throw a custom rom on their to change your lock screen. This app doesn’t essentially change the lock screen though. It puts a second lock screen over the first of the style you chose and the second lock screen unlocks the original lock screen. Thus, an easy way to change the style of your lock screen. If you have a security code on your device though, it won’t unlock that. That’s an additive you’ll have to type in yourself.

Unfortunately if you turn off your device the lock screen won’t show up on start up until your Android device finishes its boot up process. This only takes up to a minute after boot up for your new lock screen to start showing up again. I assume this is because the MagicLocker app runs in the background of your device and after shutting off the device, it probably takes a minute to boot up that app again.

MagicLocker also supports the ability for you to use a custom or live wallpaper as your lock screen. So if you’ve wished you could have a picture of your family or friends on their or even your dog, this app makes it possible. This app has aton of customization for you to use and choose from. Between choosing date formats, fonts, custom app shortcuts and time stamps it really does offer a lot of customization that you may or may not be looking for. The app makes the customization very easy to use though, it’s not overwhelming like you think it might be. It’s very clean and the instructions are very clear. Sometimes there’s no instructions at all because it’s as simple as touching an app you want to be as a shortcut.

Like I said, there’s over a hundred different themes on the Google Play store and a ton more on the MagicLocker website. If you download from there, you’ll have to check the Install from Unknown Locations option in your settings. Checking that setting you need to be careful with though as some websites may try to download viruses behind the scenes where you don’t know about it.

Applying themes to MagicLocker after you download them is very easy. MagicLocker detects these themes so it’s easy to just go into the app, touch the themes tab, choose a theme and then touch the apply button. Then you have your new lock theme all ready to go! It’s very easy to use as I said, not complicated at all and a ton of different themes to choose from. It’s definitely a high quality app.

MagicLocker requires a few permissions that people have been worried about due to privacy issues and rightly so. A few apps on Google Play like to store your location on their servers which worried a few people. In the description of MagicLocker in Google Play, the developers assure its users that they are not storing or even reading messages or phone calls. They just have those permissions enabled so that they are able to launch those apps from the shortcut on your lock screen. It is for your use and convenience only and not theirs.

It’s a completely safe app to use. It’s high quality, it’s free aside from a few different premium themes that will cost around a dollar or two but for the majority of it everything is free of charge.

I would only suggest shying away from this app if you have limited storage space on your device. Themes can add up in size very easily and very quickly.

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