Review: LoL Chat – Chat with your League of Legends Friends

Available On: Android,

Price: $1.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Many have been looking for a way to chat with friends inside of League of Legends, a very popular game among PC players. It’s a very competitive game where people often form teams for worldwide championships. Often these championships have very high rewards thus being in contact with your team most of the day is a important factor. If you’ve ever played in championships or tournaments in general you’ll probably understand the frustration of not being able to be available to your teammates most of the day, especially if your late for a few practice matches. LoL Chat is a very high quality app that helps with this issue for League of Legends players.

As said above, this app will enable you to talk to friends or teammates in the League of Legends game that was developed by Riot games. I didn’t really expect this app to work that well as it was developed by a single person. I also didn’t think it was possible to get the League of Legends chat API due to how good Riot Game’s security is. I guess they don’t really need good security if they have the API open to everyone. Shows how little I know about API availability.

The developer of LoL Chat does not claim to own the API or all of the code for the LoL chat integration. He’s gone as far as to posting all the code used on GitHub, a code sharing site. That may help users understand that he really is not taking credit for what League of Legends has done themselves. He’s said that he loves the game and that he also loves to code, so all of the code is available on GitHub for free for you to look at. Of course, I am pretty sure he will care if you copy the app (don’t do that).

Not only does this app allow you to chat with your friends and teammates through League of Legends, but it also shows the availability of servers (meaning if the servers are currently up or if they are down and being worked on/patched). The app gives you the most recent 5 most recent changes to the League of Legends sever status. Another cool feature is you’re able to see your friends status (in-game or in-queue for a game and etc).

Overall the app is stable. It is fairly pricey for chat functionality but will prove very useful if you have teammates that you need to stay in contact with. Obviously this isn’t the most revolutionary app nor is it the standard apps I usually review. I thought it was important to bring up this app as League of Legends has millions of players and I think many of those players would love to have an app like this.

If you play League of Legends then this app will be very helpful to you, especially if you play the game very competitively. I still don’t like how much the app costs, but I can see where it would be worth the price. It still seems a little pricey though.