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Review: LinkedIn Mobile

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

The LinkedIn app is definitely an interesting one. Based on quality it’s absolutely terrible. Upon opening the LinkedIn Mobile app you’ll be introduced to the app with a cool intro animation. The animation is really cool and is definitely more effort into the intro screen then most developers do. Obviously this isn’t a core point to focus on, but I thought it was pretty call and might be something to note. I guess you could consider it to be a lengthy animation, but really I found it to be pretty cool. Gotta applaud them for the effort put into it though!

LinkdIn Mobile has some pretty cool features such as looking for jobs and such like you would find on the web client. Really all LinkedIn is is a take off of it’s web client for mobile users. Currently the app is outright terrible. There are cool features but it’s buggy, broken and needs a whole lot of help and more development time. Often it seems like the developers don’t test their updates before releasing them to the public. They are always constantly breaking different features that are in the LinkedIn app. One update comes out fixes a few bugs in the app but also introduces a whole lot more.

What really stinks is that the latest version of LinkedIn actually reboots your phone entirely. I’ve had other apps do this but because of how it happened I always thought it was an accident that I had done. I can’t properly test the app as of the latest update due to its in-capabilites of even allowing users to log in because it constantly resets your phone. I had to uninstall the app to stop the restarts that kept happening. It’s terrible, it needs fixing and fixing fast. Currently, Google Play reviews are bringing up the app’s 1 star reviews to almost how many 5 star reviews it has. I’d hate to see their app fall to the ground due to all of the negative reviews, but then again, the company really needs to be testing these updates before releasing them. Problems like this should never be remotely rebooting my phone, it’s ridiculous.

Nitish from Google Play says: “So shameful. Latest version is not installing. Error occurred- invalid package file. And also there is no option of settings, customize, and profile upgrading. Very bad”

Juanfran from Google Play says: “Poor and totally inefficient interface. You can’t do as much as you can in your computer. You can’t modify your profile, you can’t search and/or contact friends in an easy way… You just can look through it. Poor and disappointing.”

This is just a small example of how ridiculous this app is. The quality of the app is terrible and even though it’s free I would suggest shying away from this app because it is simply terrible. Whether they will actually fix the major problems with the app or not, I do not know as they haven’t said anything about an update that will fix the issues.

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