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Review: LightFlow – Notifcation Colors

Available On: Android

Price: Free, Paid – $2.49

Download: Google Play

Want to keep track of your notifications easily so your not always checking your phone every time it goes off? LightFlow helps with that by setting notification’s by color. That way you can stay productive and don’t always have to be checking for an e-mail from your co-workers, boss or friends. LightFlow all depends on what colors your device has. My Motorola Atrix 2 doesen’t have Sky Blue, so it won’t show Sky Blue, upon launching the app it usually detects your device and then tells you what colors you don’t have.

The only downside is that the device may accidentally capture your credit card information. The upside? The app is not enabled by the network or even requests to use those permissions, so the only place your credit card information is going will be a internal log. It has no way to leave your phone and go onto someones servers. If you haven’t entered in a credit card on your phone or device, you’re completely fine. Here’s a guarantee on the LightFlow Google Play store:

“The app requires you to add “accessibility” for “light flow lite” – as this allows better control of the notifications. We do not capture your data, this is just a standard message shown when adding accessibility. If you check out the app permissions the app does not require internet access, so you can rest assured that your data is safe.”

You can guarantee that your data is safe and will not be going anywhere. If your not comfortable with it still, it’s easy to uninstall and wipe all the data off of your phone if needed.

LightFlow offers a variety of customization for all of your apps that process and push notifications to your device. How much control the user has over customization is outstanding. Choose which apps you want it to watch carefully, you may run out of colors eventually depending on how many apps you have or how many apps you tell LightFlow to watch for.

People who own LG phones should not that LightFlow tends to not work with almost all of them. Other than that, most phones are support and if they aren’t at the moment, you should check back in a couple weeks to see if your phone has finally gotten an update for it. All phones are different, so it may take a while to get your phone working with LightFlow it if it doesn’t already.

The full version of LightFlow will allow you to have over 250 different notifications. The free version of LightFlow takes about 12 flashes or 20 seconds to change color while the paid version can easily change every 2.5 seconds. It’s not a huge difference, but something worth at least looking at. Supporting the developers to continue supporting new phones coming out and even older ones would be great. I’d hate to see this app stop getting support or even dieing off in the next few months.

You’ll never miss a notification again, I promise. All you have to do is glance over at which color LED is flashing and that will tell you which notification was pushed to your phone. Also, after upgrading or installing this app you need to restart your device so it works properly as it does control the light sensors in the hardware. After that, you’ll be good to go.

If you had thought about getting this app with a Jelly Bean device and saw all the negative reviews, I would suggest going back and installing it as their recent update has fixed the issues with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean compatibility.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Google decided to take advantage of the light sensors for notifications? I’m actually surprised that they don’t do this already.

Head on over to Google Play and give the developer, Rage Consulting, a chance with LightFlow!

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