Review: Lego App4+

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

I don’t know if you’ve been looking for a game to install on your tablet or smartphone to fit your children’s likes or dislikes, but you may be interested in taking a look at a game made by the Lego Group called Lego 4+. It’s quite a simple game and isn’t something that’s extraordinary or anything. You can tell that it was catered for children or “a playful spirit” as the application says. The game is free, so it might be something to look at real quick and see if your children or husband that happens to be a child at heart will like the game or not.

The game does not boast “amazing” graphics or amazing sounds or anything like that. It’s simply a game made for Children or a “playful spirit” as the application says in it’s description. As I was playing it, I felt it was very simple. You could look at as a side scroller for children. The goal of the game is to simply build a car or helicopter and collect all the coins that look like lego’s. You can probably see why it’d be fun for Children now. You’ll also be able to build up environments that you’ll get to see in the background as you collect coins. You’re essentially playing the same level over and over again but each time you’re collecting new parts to add to your vehicle.

With these parts you’ll be able to make things like a truck or even a police car. The police car is the first legos you’ll unlock at the end of two or three levels (you’ll unlock a helicopter addon before this, but the police car is the most notable.). Aside from that, there isn’t much to this game, but the graphics and different unlockable lego parts will intrigue children. The child like puzzles at the end of every level will also intrigue them, I think.

The Lego Group made this game for Children. It’s obvious. It’s also free so your children may just like this game. The Lego Group usually makes games like these for Children but I do wish they would make an app for adults or something just a bit more mature in general. I personally, love lego’s and like to collect them so seeing a more “mature” and quality app wold be nice to see from the Lego Group.

Aside from that, this is a great free game that I think your children (if you have any) will love. Who knows, I may be completely wrong and it may just be intriguing to you too! The cool thing about this game is all the different combinations that children will be able to create. There are tons of different combinations for them to go through and unlock. Like I said earlier, unlocking Lego parts is basically just going through the same level over and over again making sure to collect all the golden Lego coins.

The application is stable and hasn’t crashed. I did find a minor freeze in the game where it just locked up. It was rather random, but aside from that, it is definitely a stable game.