Review: Keeper Password and Data Vault

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free, in-App Upgrade

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Do you have a lot of different passwords across websites, forums, games and accounts? Keeper Password and Data Vault just may be able to help you store those right on your phone to find when needed. Having a lot of different passwords is really hard to remember if you don’t use them often or just log in your bank account on payday once a month. Keeper Password and Data Vault is one of the most robust and best password holders for your device. Keeper Security, the developers, have done an amazing job with the app. It’s very secure, easy to access and best of all, you have all your passwords at the touch of just one button.

Upon installing and opening the Keeper Password and Data Vault you’ll be asked to enter your email, the name of your device and the phone number associated with the device. After doing that, you’ll be asked to complete your profile by entering in a security question and the answer to a security question. You’ll also be asked if you want the syncing abilities on or not. Keeper Password and Data Vault highly recommends that you keep it on so it syncs with your other devices/computer in the case that your device is damaged, lost or stolen.

Keeper Password and Data Vault gives you one universal password to log in to the app. After that you’ll be in the main screen with all of your folders and different categories for different passwords. I typically name my folders by things like “Games” or “Billing” or Spring and etc. That way its very easy to get to what you want very fast. Creating a new folder or form is very easy to do and does not take long at all. You just type in a little information, like the password required, username and what website, game or account its for. Then you can add an optional note about the credentials and there you have it!

If you have a lot of different credentials and passwords in your database, Keeper Password and Data Vault has a search feature so you can easily find what you’re trying to look for.

Some other cool features to the app are located in the Options area. One of these features is “Choose a Theme”. This allows you to as it says, change the theme of what the app looks like. I chose the Carbon theme. Some other options consist of things like “Enable Self-Destruct”. What this does is after 5 failed login attempts, all the Keeper data is completely erased and gone. This might be troublesome if you forgot the password to the Keeper Password and Data Vault, but it’s also helpful if someone stole your device and was trying to login to it. All that data would be automatically erased for no one to ever find again. If you your in the app already and want to get rid of all the data easily, it’s very easy to just touch the Delete Now button which will basically do the same thing the Self-Destruct does. It just does it at your consent though.

Keeper Password and Data Vault has so many features its crazy. Most features are freely available, in the paid version you get a few added features such as 24/7 live support, cloud backup, local storage and multi-device syncing. The paid version is worth it just for the Cloud Backup, personally. I think that’s a very handy feature to have with a tool like this, especially if you have something like the Self-Destruct active. I think if you use that if you ever get your device back, it’ll be easy to restore all your data.

The downside to that is all your data is now on a cloud server that you don’t have access too, but at the same time the developers have some pretty high ratings and their encryption is military-grade. In that sense, there’s really nothing to worry about then. You can’t get any better than military grade encryption!

Another cool thing I found out was that if your device locks itself after its alotted time, Keeper Password and Data Vault will require you to log back into if you still had the app open.

This is another highly suggested app that I often use. Its very useful if you have a lot of passwords and want to keep them all secure in an app. In that way you won’t forget any more passwords!


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  1. The problem I have is that after the trial the free version requires a subscription. This will then allow you to sync between devices and online backups. Some have stated that the program needs a license for each seat.

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