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Review: iTriage – Diagnose Diseases Yourself!

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Are you looking for something that will help you figure out a disease or sickness you might have? iTriage has a list of different symptoms to help you figure things out and maybe even explain things to your doctor better as it’s hard enough when you don’t know whats going on. iTriage hastons of different symptoms listed in their app making it easy for you to figure out which one you have. Whether it’s a spider bite, sore skin or a sleeping problem, it’s all there for you too look with a simple touch of a button. iTriage is one of the more useful and helpful apps I’ve found when looking around the Google Play store. I didn’t know how useful this app was until I needed to try it out for looking up a type of spider bite.

Say you choose the option “brown recluse spider bite” you can find images and videos all about it straight from the iTriage application. It also has some basic information about the bite/disease for you to look at. After figuring out what disease you have and it’s bad enough that you need an ambulance, it’s very easy to look for a local hospital or emergency center in the app and call them straight through the application.

The ability to locate doctors and hospitals is extremely useful, especially if your on a long trip or vacation and something happens and you aren’t familiar with the area at all.

Another feature to the iTriage app is the Hotlines option. It has direct shortcuts to calling 911, Domestic Abuse Hotline, Suicide Hotline, the Police (non-emergence) and the Poison Hotline. Like I said, it’s all extremely useful and ready for use at the touch of a button. The app is very stable, so if it somehow crashes, that’s a very, very rare chance.

Also, if your not looking for diseases or symptoms, it’s a great app for reference if your a Doctor or even a student studying to become a doctor. It has so many uses. Here’s a list of features location on their Google Play page:

  •  Proprietary Symptom-to-Provider™ pathway: search medical symptoms, learn about potential causes, and then be directed to the most appropriate healthcare treatment facility or doctor
  •  Find the closest medical facilities and doctors from your location
  •  Maps and turn-by-turn directions to all health care provider facilities
  •  Thousands of medical symptoms, diseases, procedures, and medications
  •  Clear, concise, and useful health information
  •  The most updated and comprehensive national directory of hospitals, urgent cares, pharmacies, physicians, outpatient clinics, and community health clinics
  •  Wait times for select Hospital Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care facilities
  •  ER Check-In feature for select Hospital Emergency Rooms
  •  Emergency hotlines, and physician and nurse advice lines
  •  Save your personal healthcare facilities, doctors, diseases, procedures, medications, and health plan advice lines

Testimonials about iTriage:

“ITriage is the first step to minimizing the fear and anxiety of getting sick when you travel. Having an app that can help guide you when you are hurt or sick, is a must have. The ability to locate doctors, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies is extremely valuable. This is the beginning of how healthcare will be delivered in the future. A most have app for anyone who travels. I had my entire family download it, just in case they ever get sick. With two kids in college, I will now have them use iTriage to help them when they are sick. “– RHW

“Love this App! I now know about so many healthcare options! With 3 boys I now go to our Urgent Care (searched for one w/X-ray thru this app). Has saved me 1000s of dollars and many hours! Just input my info for all my personal healthcare info ( meds, dr, insurance, etc) – super easy!” – iTriage User

Everything in this app is very helpful and very in-depth so there’s not one bit of information your missing. iTriage was built by two ER physicians to help you take better control over your health, the app has been downloaded millions of times. It’s really worth the download, especially if something unexpected comes up and you need to decide whether to go to the doctor or if its just a cold or something that heals naturally.

iTriage is available for iOS and Android devices for free.

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