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If you’re looking for another application to look at upcoming movies and didn’t find my Flixster review to fit your tastes you may just like an app called IMDb Movies & TV. It’s a very popular application so you may have heard of it already. IMDb will allow you to search actors pages for information on movies done and in some cases the pages have links to a biography. You’ll be able to search over 4 million different actors, actresses, celebrities, directors and a bunch of other crew members. IMDb also has the largest movie and TV database on the Google Play store.

You may be familiar with the website version more than the app on Google Play. You’ll be able to search movies that are up and coming and as far as I know you can search movies on the app for up to a year ahead. Not only that but movies you search will be added to your history so you can easily access movies that you want to look at again or even show your friends. This obviously saves a lot of time if your trying to find a specific movie out of their 2 million movie & TV database.

There are many other things you can do on the IMDb app. One of those is looking up showtimes, search the top 250 movies and also search movies by popular demand based off of genre. You can also search movies by awards they’ve earned. This makes everything much easier to search for and once again, will allow you to search through their database much easier than just the current search features.

IMDb also has the latest news on entertainment media from many different media outlets. That way, if you like keeping up with all the news on actors and celebrities or even get updates on the upcoming Hobbit movie, it’s very easy to sign up for notifications in that regard. A review from Dothius on Google Play really sums up my feelings about this application: “This app keeps getting better. I love the option to check in to Facebook, even if its only functional 87% of the time. Add the ability to write reviews from the app and this will be near perfect. Also, minor gripe: When reading user reviews from the app, only a portion of the reviews show up. On the mobile site, it looks like its because there’s multiple pages of reviews in some cases, but there’s no way to change pages from the app.”

From what I have experienced the app is constantly getting better as the review above says. Crashes used to make the app unusable but as weeks go by it constantly gets better and better. It’s finally gotten to the point where the app will only crash if I leave it sit for about 10 – 20 minutes without any activity. This could just be its way of saving battery levels, it could be a way Android’s internal task manager works or it could just be a bug. Either way, it’s not that bothersome and unless you intentionally leave it there in some cases its a convenience.

The application is definitely made of quality and as little bugs as possible. I really enjoy using the application to search movies easily. Flixster is cool, but in terms of quality, IMDb blows it out of the water. Flixster has it’s own features and so does IMDb, I think that IMDb offers the more quality features though. You won’t be able to access your netflix account or stream movies from IMDb though. Maybe that will be in their plans for the future, but currently it’s just a highly advanced movie database.


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