Review: Great Big War Game – Turn Based Games For The Win!


For an Android game, the lush 3D graphics of Great Big War Game are amazing. There are a lot of cool things in this game and the Graphics is one of them. It’s has a very heavy focus on a lush comic book style. The attention to environment detail is stunning. Character models look really good except when your zoomed in close to them. Usually you won’t notice it, but in the campaign when they have the mini cut-scenes, the character models look a little bit blurry. It’s not game breaking obviously and wasn’t really a surprise. It’s a top-down, turn-based strategy game and the company isn’t Blizzard Entertainment. It’s easily looked past though, just something I had noticed.


The sound isamazing. It’s just great. Like I said earlier it has a “world domination” feel to it. It encourages the humor of attacking countries for no other reason. This game has the perfect music for it’s genre and type. I really enjoyed it, but wish there was just a tad bit more variety to the music. It begins to feel like the same thing over and over again. Aside from that, loved it.

The voice-acted lines for the units are hilarious. I loved constantly selecting them to hear their different sayings and lines. Some of the best humorous and comedic voice acting I’ve ever heard. It was great.


The game draws you in and makes you want to play more as you cross the battlefield waging war on every step you take. The voiced-acted statements that the units make as you tell them to cross the field of battle is a very nice additive to the fun factor. I’m always hoping I’ll stumble across a new line a unit has to say when I move him or order him to attack.

Aside from that, capturing buildings and having a competitive match against the computer is really fun. Again, turn-based strategies aren’t for everyone, it requires a lot of patience. You could look at it like a chess game, except I don’t think Great Big War Game is that competitive. However, other turn-based strategies are and this one has a lot of similarities and a lot of uniqueness at the same time.

Playing with friends also increase the fun level of this game by at least a hundred times. It’s much better than playing against the computer because eventually, you can begin to predict the computers next move if you’ve played enough. There’s really nothing like playing with a friend and destroying half of the world while your at it.

The fact that every level doesn’t look like the same environment as the last is also a added bonus. Many games have a very dull creativity level. Great Big War Game has some really awesome environments that were very well fleshed out. I’m hoping to buy the extra map packs once I finish the campaign and a few skirmishes or online play to see what else they have to offer.


The replayability in this game is extraordinary. As I said in the previous page, it has many different options and reasons for you to come back and play. One of the most notable ones is the option to play online or play with friends. The campaign is fairly long too, so you can’t just beat it one sitting. I can imagine getting at least 10 – 20hrs out of this game or even more if your a dedicated player and really enjoy these types of games.

Also, I hope they do some consistent updates with the game content-wise (more music variety!), so that should also add to the replayability of the game.


I had a ton of fun with game and highly recommend it. Three dollars is totally worth it and since you only have to purchase it once, you can install it on your tablet too. I can only imagine what this game would look like on a ASUS Transformer Prime.

Scratch that, we don’t need the worlds to collide.

OVERALL SCORE: 8/10 – A simply amazing game that will offer you many, many hours of fun.