Review: Great Big War Game – Turn Based Games For The Win!


Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $2.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

I’m going to flat out say that Great Big War Game is one of the best games I have ever played on an Android device. Great Big War Game is the sequel to Great Little War Game which was created by Rubicon Development. Both titles are very unique turn-based strategy games to come to mobile devices. The game boasts some stellar 3-D graphics along with consistent gameplay. Either my eyes are blind to the other games out there, or this is just the first that really was any good. You’re probably wondering, whats so different in Great Big War Game than the other games out there? Why does it even deserve my attention?

Great Big War Game offersa lot of unique content than what you would find in any other turn-based strategy. It offers hours of humor through its hilarious one-liners and insanely crazy story. The General sends you out of his office with orders to attack a country that isn’t ours for no reason whatsoever. That may not sound very funny, but the dialog leading up to that makes it one of the most ridiculously funny orders ever given. I won’t spoil those for you though, you’ll have to find out yourself. At first I thought it was a joke, then I realized once the game launch I was assassinating the enemy General for no reason whatsoever, either that or the Blue team (you) is prejudice against the Red team. It’s also a possibility that the Blue team General is slightly jealous of the Red team’s General’s wicked awesome mustache. I’m going to assume its the latter choice.

There’s lots of different things you can do in Great Big War Game, one of them is playing through 50 extraordinary campaign levels. After the campaign levels you may have think the game has ended, but it hasn’t, it’s just started. You can choose whether to play with others online or play against the computer which is known as “Skirmishes”. Pass & Play is another option too. Only have one device on you to play Great Big War Game? With this mode, play your turn and pass it over to friends or family to take their turn. Great Big War Game offers a lot of re-playability and fun. Honestly, Pass & Play is one of the funnest game types I’ve played so far. The campaign is great and humorous but there’s nothing like playing with friends!


This game has a lot of features in it that you wouldn’t see in a regular turn-based strategy game. One of the features that I am so thankful for that you sometimes don’t see in Android games is the save feature. It’s saved me from having to start the match all over many, many times. The save feature isn’t just for one save though, you should be happy to know that there’s numerous slots for you to save your game in at any time and moment. That’s just a minor feature, but a very helpful one that I thought was worth noting.

I’m not sure if I would consider this a feature or but the game also contains a in-game store for other purchases such as purchasing map packs, customization options and etc. This costs real money though, not in-game coins or even “Battle Points”.

Achievements are also included in the game. There’s 13 achievements or “awards” in total. Some of the achievements are fairly challenging or take longer to do while others are fairly easily. I also feel this adds to the re-playability of the game. If you’ve read any of my past reviews on Android games, you’ll notice that I am always looking for re-playability in a game. Hats off the developers for excelling in this area with blazing stars.

Great Big War Game also offers lots of customization options for you to choose from under the Help & Options menu. From customizing your base to designing your own logo, you can really customize a lot. Also, if you don’t like playing as the “Blue” team, you can change your army colors. All of these options require you to buy the customization pack. Again, this costs real money and not the virtual currency. All of this customization is what I love to see in games. I was never expecting all of this in a Android game though. I’ve always played PC games that have lacking in customizing characters, bases and etc, so the last thing I expected to see was a ton of options for customization in a Android game that I could just play on my phone.

This game takes up a ton of battery life on my smartphone. I didn’t know if there was options to reduce how much battery this game actually took. Looking through the settings I found that there were a ton of things you could turn off and turn on to conserve battery life while still being able to play the game to its fullest extent. Yeah, the visuals might be lower quality, but if your on your last 15% and just want to get two more turns in, turning down all the options should give you a good few extra turns.

Another thing you can change in the settings is the Blood & Gore option. Sounds really serious doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s awesome to have turned on, it really adds to the humor of the gameplay and It’s not realistic at all. It looks like ketchup, it literally looks like ketchup. When you shoot the enemy team, it’s like a stinkin’ spurt of ketchup comes spraying out of their bodies like they were made of it or something! I thought that was really cool, but there is an option to turn it off if you don’t want to see the blood ketchup sprayed all over the tiles.

Going back to the battery saving topic, I think that this game may be better played on a tablet screen battery-wise because of how much longer they tend to last than smartphones. Some tablets are even built to handle a lot of extensive gaming, so by no means would I consider it a error or bug in the game. Great Big War Game is massive in size and often has a lot going on. You can’t expect it to not take up a lot battery life. Obviously everyone doesn’t have a tablet, so that may not be an option for you. Instead, join the addicts who sit by their chargers all day, they’ll welcome you with open arms!


It may be a preference, but I love strategy games that keep me intrigued and wanting to play more. I haven’t found an Android game yet that has done that until I came across Great Big War Game. I love how the obstacles in front of you stop you from attacking the enemy. The only thing that doesn’t is the grenadier because he throw’s it and it isn’t a direct hit.

Great Big War Game offers many different units from ground units to water transports. I really like the variety there is. Engineer’s to capture buildings, snipers to basically one shot soldiers, soldiers or “grunts” to be the meatshield of the army as your snipers and grenadiers do all the work. I haven’t experimented much with the tanks and jeeps, but some of the tanks feel really weak but at the same time do amassiveamount of damage.

So, what keeps you wanting to play this game? I honestly think that you have to like turn-based games to like this at all. I happen to like turn-based games like BattleDex on the PC. I’ve played that one a lot. Great Big War Game was easy to adapt to because of how much I’ve played these types of games. The music is also something that really sucks you into the game. It has a “world domination” feel to it, encouraging you to do level after level until you’ve finally dominated everything. I may be exaggerating a bit though.

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