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Review: Gamestop – PowerUp Rewards

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

If you’re a PC Gamer or even a Console gamer or just a gamer in general, you may find that Gamestop’s app for both Android and iOS users will prove to be very helpful. Gamestop has created it’s open app that tailors in with its PowerUp Rewards program while keeping track of all of your games. Not only that, but it keeps track of your likes and dislikes and then recommends a game for you based off of those likes and dislikes. I often add MMO’s to my list of owned games, therefore it tailors to those likes and suggests a bunch of other MMO’s and RPG’s in general that I don’t currently have.

The Gamestop App also keeps track of your PowerUp Rewards. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a program that gives you one or two points (can’t remember exactly) for every dollar you spend at their store. Spending $60 will give you either 60 or 120 points. Eventually, once those points add up, you’ll be able to purchase rewards with those points. Often these rewards are exclusive items. An item they had a year or so ago was a life scale version of a Helmet based off of Halo’s Spartans. It’s a really cool program and it’s points system tends to be cheaper than most companies that end up doing a program like this. Your Gamestop app keeps track of those programs and you can actually purchase rewards from inside your app, just make sure all of your information is correct because I haven’t been able to change my shipping information or credit card in the app itself. I’ve had to go on to their website to enter in all of that information, of course its probably for security reasons so it’s not much of a hassle.

The Gamestop App also notifies you when they have a sale or a bunch of exclusive in-store rewards to Powerup Rewards members. Often you just have to show the cashier either your rewards card or the app that says is offering the in-store rewards. This way you don’t have to go hunting for different sales all over the internet. It’s a great feature in the app and can often help you save a few dollars on a trip to Gamestop. I personally often get buy one get one free offers and other times I get 50% off offers. It’s really, really cool.

Overall the app is very stable and I haven’t had many issues with it. There’s been a few freezing issues, but after it’s most recent update I haven’t had trouble with that either. I’m not entirely sure if it is compatible with Jelly Bean yet, but if it isn’t, I can guarantee an update will be out very, very soon to add that compatibility though. I should also note that the app isn’t just for those who are PowerUp Rewards members. Becoming a rewards member is free anyway, so there isn’t a whole lot to worry about.

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