Review: Fruit Ninja

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free, $1.22, $2.99 for Tegra Exclusive

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Fruit Ninja is a game packed full of non-stop fruit slicing fun. Fruit Ninja is an arcade style game in the sense that you’ll only be slicing fruit and trying to get an all time high score. You get addicted to this game easy. With it’s three different modes in singleplayer and it’s competitive online High Scores using the widely popular social platform, Open Feint, you’ll be coming back for more almost daily. Fruit Ninja claims to be the best arcade slashing game ever to hit Android devices. While this may be true, I’m sure we’ll be seeing others rise up from the ashes to come and take their place as one too.

I found that the graphics are really good for such a simple game. I’m sure with the developer making such a simple game they were able to focus on the graphics a bit more than you usually would but before doing that I do feel like they made sure that the gameplay was pretty solid. The gameplay and graphics are pretty stellar. You will never get bored of the gamplay, you will always be coming back for more, that’s how addictive this game actually is. The graphics have a cartoony look to them, but mainly just looks like your standard flash graphics with added details. The fruit you have to slash is also very detailed, not just the background objects and your surroundings. I guess you would kind of expect this as the goal of the game is to slash as much fruit open as possible, it’s kind of a necessity to have detailed fruit in Fruit Ninja. Overall, the graphics are definitely beautiful. I was really thankful to have detailed graphics in this game because some of the Arcade style games I have been playing lately has just stunk in the graphics department.

Upon paying for the game you won’t notice much of a difference. The full version still has ads even though it says it will remove those. Except this time they pop up as “rewards.” This was a serious annoyance because that’s what I spent the money on the game for, was to get rid of the intrusive and annoying ads. I don’t understand why they would keep those even after advertising that they get rid of them in the full version.This is just a warning to tell you at the time of writing, the full and free version are no difference.

Overall the game is great, runs great, amazing performance. I think the ads are my largest complaint, especially in the paid version of the game. It felt like a rip off almost but it wasn’t enough to stop me from playing. This game has some stellar performance thus keeping you engaged and focused on the game for many rounds to come. I didn’t see anything in relation to bugs or glitches thankfully. It’s not rare to come across a bug-free game, but when you do, it’s a beautiful thing to be able to play the game without being interrupted by a nasty glitch.

Fruit Ninja is currently out now for both iOS and Android devices. I should also note that if you own a Tegra device such as the ASUS Transformer Prime you’ll be able to pay for the Tegra edition of Fruit Ninja for special high definition graphics and etc. That in it’s own was a good move by the developer, Halfbrick studios. I applaud them for going to the trouble for making a version exclusively for Tegra devices. A lot of companies seem to be doing this now, except it seems to be mainly the major ones or as Google Play calls it, “Top Developers.”

Hope you enjoyed the review, happy Fruit Slicing!