Review: Farm Invasion USA

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

I wasn’t really sure what to say about this game. I found it to be pretty funny at first. I think that’s all it was meant to be though, funny. There’s not much substance or a whole lot of fun to this game after your first 1/2hr to an hour play through. It’s a very silly game that I think also needed to stay in development a bit longer. There are a lot of people that love this game, but after playing it I felt that it wasn’t ready to be released just yet. Whether that is because I felt there was a lack of substance and fun to the game or it just needs something to keep the player motivated, I don’t know.

For it being a silly comedic game, I found the graphics to be fairly good. They weren’t extraordinary, but they were okay. When I downloaded this game I definitely did not expect this to be a sidescroller even after looking through the screen shots. Sidescrollers aren’t my favorite games, though I did really enjoy Wind-up Knight. Farm Invasion USA just does not cut it. I can see where some people will enjoy this game but it was definitely not developed for the majority of people.

It’s soundtrack is weird. I didn’t feel like it fit with the game at all. In fact, the soundtrack made the game feel rather awkward.When aliens are invading your farm I did not expect to be playing with an up-beat “happy” music. It made the game feel like there was nothing terrible going on and that everything was okay and literally nothing was happening but you just farming your crops. Yeah, they really messed up in this area. If they could at the very least fix the sound in an update (I doubt they will, but it’s worth a mention) it would make this game feel a whole lot better and maybe even take away the entirety of the awkwardness.

If anyone has seen the movie, “Cowboys vs Aliens” this game will definitely remind you of that. This game is essentially that except in changed into a farmer themed catastrophe. The game is pretty popular on Google Play, I don’t fully understand why as I can instantly see many things wrong with it. It’s performance is even terrible. The game crashes often and if it does not crash it makes my device really hot.

Overall, I guess you could call it “decent,” but nothing more. I could sum this game all up just by saying Zynga’s game on Facebook, “Farmville” is a whole lot more fun to play than this piece of junk. I don’t know who came up with the idea for a game like this or how you could even remotely consider this to be “fun” but that person seriously needs to rethink how to design games. This is honestly terrible and it really would be much more fun to go and play Farmville on Facebook or something similar to that.