Review: Elemental – Up For Another Puzzler?

Available On: Android

Price: Free, Ad Removal – $0.99

Download: Google Play

Elemental is yet another puzzle game that I find to be extraordinarily fun. It’s based off the four elements, Air, Earth, Fire and Water. This game is difficult, very, very difficult. Okay not that difficult. There are some easier ones and some challenging ones. It does take a bit to understand how everything works though as the tutorial isn’t very explanatory. A chemist would understand it pretty easy, I would think, but the average person who’s looking for a little fun just may take a bit to get the hang of it. Mixing fire with water and dust was not a good idea.

If your a fan of Sudoku, the developers of Elemental, Vostu, have done a great job at replicating the game without any numbers involved. They’ve used elements instead, which is much simpler than trying to figure out a bunch of numbers but by no means does it make the game even close to “easy”. It just puts a new take on it and simplifies the thought process.

The best part of Elemental is that it’s completely free. It’s supported by ads but isn’t intrusive at all because of the style of game it is. You have the option to remove those adds for a small payment of $0.99. Again, the ads are really not in your face so it’s very easy to ignore them. I would end up paying to remove them just to try and help support the developer as the game is completely free.

This is another game that works with OpenFeint, the social platform that allows developers to add social networking to their game. Elemental uses OpenFeint with Android like most developers would, for leaderboards and comparing high scores. Again, as you probably have seen in my other reviews, I really like the competition on OpenFeint, there’s always someone to try and compete with for the top score.

You’ll find some really intriguing and awesome background music to enjoy as you try to figure out the complex puzzles of Elemental. This is one of the better soundtracks I have heard in a android app, better than Amazing Alex even.

This game lacks a ton of re-playability. After spending a ton of time trying to figure out the puzzle and how all the elements need to go together you almost want to put down the game and take a break hoping you never have to go back to the previous puzzle again. It’s pretty fun, but definitely not something worth sitting down and playing for hours on end.

The game offers a lot of content for free, which I applaud. At the same time, at it’s core it is Sudoku and I barely know anyone who really even likes to play Sudoku. Its a different take on Sudoku and makes the puzzles really fun, but it really isn’t worth playing for hours a day. I found myself finishing two puzzles and then ready to put the game down for a while.

There are a lot of random glitches in the game which I hope get fixed soon. Things such as the game freezing randomly and then stopping at the loading screen and playing that non-stop. To fix that your going to have to reinstall the app and start from scratch which is really, really frustrating especially with it being one of the more difficult puzzlers.

Elemental is optimized for both smartphones and tablets. I’ve heard the game works perfectly on the Samsung Galaxy S II and very well on Asus’ Transformer Prime tablet. The description of the game on Google Play says it works well with a lot of the Samsung and HTC devices, but the reviewers say otherwise. That may just be the random glitches and bugs, but the developer does claim that it works well on those phones.

Getting the game is worth it. It’s free, there is nothing to lose, and everyone enjoys a good puzzle every now and then! As a reminder, the paid version is the same as the free version without ads. It does not change the gameplay, unlock new worlds or fix bugs. It simply just removes the ads.

If you were to get rid of the ads, the game hasn’t been updated since December of 2011. It’s not likely that the bugs will be fixed, so you may want to think on that before spending money.