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Review: Draw Something

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free, $2.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

You’ve probably read review after review on Draw Something, but it’s most recent updates are really cool and I thought it might nice to put my perspective on the game up. Draw Something was originally created by a studio called OMGPOP before being bought out by Zynga. In this game there is no winning or losing, just a lot of casual fun. It’s a game where you pick a drawing, draw that drawing and then challenge your friends or family to guess that drawing. Once they guess that drawing or decide to pass they do the same exact thing and send it to you. The words that your assigned are often very creative and make for some really fun drawing matches. Other times you’ll be seeing stick figures trying to “bird watch.” That’s a drawing I got sent once, a picture of a stick figure with what supposedly was a magnifying glass that was pointing at the sky. It was an interesting drawing.

From what I have seen, Draw Something is best played on a tablet do to the larger screen thus allowing yourself more room for detail. The game gets really fun when your around family or friends sitting down and playing together constantly. There are many laughs to be had and even a few frustrations sometimes due to the inability to guess the drawing.

If you decide to pay for the paid version of the app this will remove adds but also grant you 200 free coins, 5 bombs and 2500 words to choose from in your drawings. This isn’t your regular arcade style, shoot ‘em up game like a lot of people are used to. The game still offers a lot of fun and there are some amazing things you can do with your drawings. Those amazing things people do with their drawings? They probably use a stylus or something instead of their finger, so don’t get depressed!

I find that using a stylus is very helpful and will improve your drawings drastically. As stated above, you’re able to create some amazing things with a steady hand and a stylus. A quick google search will reveal to you some magnificent drawings that people have done in Draw Something. These drawings will consist of the Eiffel Tower in France, the Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty and drawn faces of some famous authors, artists, musicians such as Beethoven and etc. It’s a great app, I have a ton of fun with it.

What I don’t like is that OMGPOP was bought out by Zynga. I think they would of done a whole lot better as a independent company. The app is very stable and it’s performance is stellar. This is a low resource taking app so you shouldn’t be experiencing any issues with the game at all. If there is, as always, report it to the developer and a fix should be out soon. OMGPOP is known for putting out fast fixes and content packages very often.

Again, you’ve probably seen tons of reviews like these before, but I thought it might be worth it to throw my perspective on it up on here.

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