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Review: Demolition Inc. HD – A Physics Based Puzzler

Available On: Android

Price: $1.99

Download: Google Play

What’s really interesting about Demolition Inc. HD by Zeroscale Games is that it’s a puzzler that 100% based off of physics. Nothing in this game is pre-determined so when you knock over something like a building, it won’t fall or damage other structures. Instead, it will fall depending on how you actually hit it, and from what angle. So it will then, based off of that angle, fall in that way. It’s pretty cool how it actually works. Having a game that that is more randomized than pre-determined is pretty fun. Everything in this game is destructible, everything. Not only that, but car and building physics is fully simulated.

The game has a campaign mode with the only goal being to destroy every city possible. You’re given a bunch of different tools to use just to destroy one city after another. This game is brilliant. With it’s cartoony graphics and it’s amazing sounds I really enjoyed how everything worked. I think how everything in this game is simulated and not pre-determined really adds to the level of fun in the game. It’s a whole different experience and isn’t something you would usually see in a app. Now, because of awesome this game is, it does boast a 215mb download. You may or may want to do this over Wi-Fi depending where you’re at so the download won’t randomly cut out on you.

Demolition Inc. HD also has a rampage mode. The whole city is your playground with limitless tools at your hand. Unleash the mayhem, get as high a score as possible! This mode is particularly fun because of the limitless destruction you can do. If you want, you can also submit your high scores to the OpenFeint community that is built into Demolition Inc. HD. Having OpenFeint in this game is awesome. I haven’t used it yet but I can only imagine how much fun it will be to top other peoples high scores. Just imagine the destruction…

I noticed that this game got super hot on my Atrix 2, even though it got hot it didn’t crash, so that’s gotta say something for the stability of the game. I think that this game is meant for you to play on a tablet performance wise. The game is 215mb so there is a ton of content for you to play through in the game. I still play it on my phone, it works perfectly fine, but it does begin to overheat at some point.

Other than that, the game is awesome and one of the best games I have ever came across. Not only that but it’s only $1.99, so you’re not really wasting your money. I actually expected to be a bit more pricey do the amount of content and work that had went into this title. I highly suggest taking a look at this game because it is very worth it. This game seriously deserves 5 out of 5 stars, very well developed and designed.

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