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Review: Cut the Rope

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free, $0.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Believe it or not, Cut the Rope was a very popular game on iOS and is still gaining speed since it’s release to Android devices. ZeptoLab, the developer of Cut the Rope, has taken a business approach much like Angry Birds by offering many different versions of the game. This could range from expansions to the game, HD versions, free versions and full versions. I kind of think this is ridiculous as most games I have been reviewing automatically check your device for High definition capabilities and then apply the graphics to fit the High Definition capabilities. I havenever had to pay for a full version and then an high def versions, seems a little ridiculous.

Cut the Rope is another puzzle game. It’s not your standard puzzle game either. A character called Om Nom is hungry and your the one who needs to feed the little creature by simply…cutting the rope. Sounds easy does it not? Well, it’s not. If you’re trying to get all three stars for the highest score in the game while trying to get the bundle of food in his mouth, it turns out to be very, very difficult. Not as difficult as some past puzzle type games, but it can be difficult at times.

The graphics in the game are stellar. You may notice graphical similarities to games like Where’s my Water? or Where’s my Perry?. ZeptoLab uses the standard flash graphics from what I can tell. They are very good though, very well designed for the theme or “style” the game was trying to go for. Cut the Rope is definitely a cartoon styled games. You can tell just from reading the description Google Play or iTunes, then, scrolling down to see the pictures will also reaffirm that Cut the Rope is indeed basically a cartoon.

Om Nom’s personality fits the cartoon style, so the overall graphical look Cut the Rope has I thought was awesome. It meshed in with the personality you feel coming from Om Nom. The game is only $0.99 and comes with tons of levels along with a bunch of level boxes that come free with the original release. There are a few levels that you may have to purchase, but the fact that they released over 100+ free levels before charging really helps justify future level purchases. Giving users what they paid for is always a good thing before deciding to empty their wallets.

The overall quality of the game is fantastic. The design is perfection and no matter how long I played Cut the Rope, my phone wasn’t overheating. So, you shouldn’t see any crashing or experience any hardware issues. Other than that, really good game, really good quality. For $0.99 I would really suggest picking it up if you’re in for a good puzzler. Even if your not looking for a good puzzler, you may enjoy it anyway with its cartoon styled graphics and really awesome soundtrack.

Even though ZeptoLab’s has taken the Angry Birds sales model, I hope they continue to make Cut the Rope games as they are very fun and creative.

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