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Review: Comics – The Largest Digital Comic Library Ever

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Comics by developer, ComiXology, is a great that functions much like Google Magazines do. With a beautiful and elegant display Comics allows you to browse and purchase digital comic books. Some comics are relatively pricier because of how old they are while others will only cost you around a dollar. The app itself is free but the comics inside the app are not. Featured comics may just be more expensive than popular comics. It’s interesting how it all works. I never imagined I would be able to purchase comic books through my phone or tablet.

Instead of buying individual comic books you can also buy them in series or volumes which is really helpful and may even be cheaper at times. To purchase anything off of the Comics app though, your going to have to create a free account with them. Your also can allot a certain amount of space for your comics on your device. That can range from 250mb to 1GB or even unlimited. Unlimited could be dangerous to do though since we often never realize how much space these comics will take. Things really add up doesn’t it?

Also if you want, you can delete individual comics, they’ll still be on your account just not on your device, thus allowing you to free up space for more comics! Purchases you make are also viewable on the web too, so comics are not just limited to your tablet, smartphone or whatever device you decide to use with the Comics app that it will run on.

The Comics app has over 20,000 different comics available including 600 different ones for free. Publishers on the Comics app includes but is not limited to, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image, IDW and Archie.

The Comics App has over 1,000,000 downloads with a four star review on Google Play making it one of the best comic apps on Google Play. With the amount of comics being added every day, I don’t think this is an app you can pass up. Especially with there being over 600 comics you can read for free! I can only imagine how much more will be added in the future. Also, the Comics app has a Free Comic Book Day every so often offering readers to grab a paid version of the comic for free.

The last really cool feature I found to this app was that you could buy them in retail. Not directly from the Comics app, but it will tell you where the nearest comic book store is that carries the comic you were looking for and wanting to buy physically.That, I think personally, is a brilliant idea. Not only are they earning lots of money from their comic sales, but they’re also directing traffic to comic book stores. That is really cool.

This app also often has sales on the front page going very consistently.

This app is great if your a love Comic Books and wish you had access to some of the older ones. It also is a quick and easy way to search for comics your looking for or are interested in buying. Again, great app. I highly suggest using it if your looking to read a comic book you just remembered from your childhood or if your just starting to get interested in reading them. Either way, the app is great for both.

The only thing I would suggest is looking around the internet for pricing too. Often eBay sellers has free shipping for comics and the comics are usually very, very cheap and in great condition.

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