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Review: ChatOn

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

ChatOn is a really cool app created by Samsung. Essentially, it’s just another text messaging service with tons of added features to help you stay in communication with your friends and family. This text messaging service isn’t your standard text messaging as you may be familiar with. ChatOn offers a number of different forms of communication such as animated photos and videos. After animating a photo it sends in video format to the person you’re sending a message to. This is a really cool feature as sometimes, there are just no need for words. A picture says it all. It is also very easy to comment on other peoples photos your sent. You could think of ChatOn as a mini social networking platform.

ChatOn also offers a way to send messages to a group. You can either make a new contact and call it “Buddies” and then enter in all the people you want to be in that contact or “group.” That way, if you want to send out a mass text message all you have to do is touch the group icon and then send your message. The other way you can do it is just by selecting each person. Obviously this is the more manual and time consuming way, so making a group is probably your best bet. This feature in ChatOn works really well and is a very robust feature. I actually tend to think that it works a lot better then the text messaging service we automatically get with out phones.

ChatOn also has a ranking system that tells you how much you call your friends, message with them and etc. Usually the one you talk with the most is put at the top of the rankings. It’s not a “who’s better” type of thing but just shows who you chat with the most and makes it easier to access all that contacts information for you to call or message, find a birthday or whatever.

ChatOn is a cool service, I can see it being very popular but I can also see it being a nuisance. The standard text messaging that is stocked on our phones works fine and has a easy way to access contacts. Getting people or all your friends to switch over to ChatOn would be more difficult than just using the standard text messaging service. ChatOn is a great app, it’s very stable and works really well, but unless it was stocked with phones, I doubt it would be very easy to get others to use it.

I definitely like the app and would love to use it more but I also think after the “cool” wears off of the app people will tend to stop using it. It’s free so there isn’t much at stake, but getting people to use it would be the difficult part. Samsung did a great job on this app, I think it’s really cool, but it honestly won’t replace the standard text messaging services.

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